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Highlights from the National Music Centre’s Collection

Solar drones from pianos damaged in the flood and a Deadmaus helmet are a few of objects to see at Studio Bell.

Kelly Hofer's New Book of Photographs Captures Hutterite Life

Calgary-based photographer Kelly Hofer's new book of photography shows life on a Hutterite colony. He took them all when he was a teenager.

The Story of the Broom-I-Loo Jersey on Display at The Military Museums

This unusually named sport is a military tradition for one Prairie-based army unit that's been playing it since the 1920s.

How Calgary Author Steena Holmes Became a New York Times Bestseller

If you've read "Finding Emma," you already have an idea of how Holmes' novel sold over 100,000 e-copies in one month.

Work of Art: Outfit for the Afterlife by Pamela Norrish

Calgary and its surrounding area is full of creative people and beautiful pieces of art. Here is just one piece you should know about.

Adam Melnyk Has Been Archiving Calgary's Aerosol Artistry Since 1998

Melnyk founded the website VisualOrgasm.com 18 years ago and it now has more than 15,000 photos of graffiti art from across Canada.

How to Eat Prairie Oysters

If you've never tried this Stampede-season staple before, here's how to do it. (You'll probably need a lot of beer.)

TEDxYYC and TEDxCalgary: A Tale of Two TEDs

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between TEDxYYC and TEDxCalgary, we've got answers.

Sage Theatre Ignites Art Careers This Month

Sage Theatre's Ignite! festival helps get emerging performers' careers started. The festival runs June 21 to 26 this year.

Inside the Archives of the Calgary Stampede

The Stampede has created a lot of artifacts since the first event in 1912. A lot of it is stored in a publicly accessible archive.

This New Book Collects Five Decades of Calgary Art

Chronicling five decades worth of local visual arts, the Glenbow's new book is a record of Calgary's evolving art scene.

Art Meets Laundry In the Beltline's Lux Laundromat

Why shouldn't there be in an art gallery in a local laundromat?
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