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Julianne Young and Kristian Wieclawek's Engagement Story

The local wedding planner, who was proposed to in Banff, became her own company's first engagement client.


photograph by corrina walker photography


Engaged Oct. 23, 2016
Ring Classic solitaire-set diamond on a rose-gold band from Blue Nile 
Venue Rundle Riverside Trail, Banff, Alta.
Photographer Corrina Walker Photography

Julianne Young knows what the perfect day is supposed to look like. In fact, it’s her job to create beautiful and seamless wedding days for clients with Julianne Young Weddings, the company she founded and which recently launched a new service — planning proposals. Little did she know she would end up being her first engagement client.

It was nearing the end of the busiest time of the year for Young — summer wedding season — and she and her then-boyfriend Kristian Wieclawek decided it was the perfect opportunity to slip away to Banff for some rest and recreation. By this time the couple had known each other for 10 years and had been dating for three and half years. “I had really, really hoped that Kris was going to propose,” says Young. 

But when Wieclawek showed no signs of pre-proposal nervousness — his appetite at dinner was healthy and his palms weren’t sweaty at all — Young was resigned that it wasn’t going to happen this time. “I was thinking to myself  ‘just calm down.’ You’re not getting engaged this weekend,” she says.

Avid outdoorsy types, Wieclawek and Young had included a long-distance run along the Rundle Riverside Trail in their plans. Not 100 metres into the 17-kilometre run, Young spotted a bouquet of flowers on the ground and a woman with a camera. “I thought for a split second that we were running into someone else’s proposal, not mine,” says Young, “and then Kris bends down to get the flowers and looks at me, and I just instantly started ugly-crying.” 

A sign pinned to a tree with hand lettering that read “Walk Our Story” led Young and Wieclawek along a trail marked with photographs of the couple’s favourite memories. Awaiting them was an antique table laid with all her favourite things: flowers, Champagne and macarons. There, Wieclawek got down on one knee and proposed. 

But the surprises weren’t over. After Wieclawek popped the question, Young’s colleagues jumped out from their hiding spots and admitted to concealing the proposal from her for days. Young switched out her bear spray and running vest for a dress her colleagues had brought to the site and the pair got engagement photos done on the spot by Corrina Walker Photography.

“At the end of the day, if Kris had pulled over at a McDonald’s and proposed I would have been so happy,” says Young. “It’s never about the event, no matter how much people spend on weddings or proposals. It’s always about the feeling and the moment, and there isn’t a price tag for that.”











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