A Replica of the 1875 Fort Is Coming To Fort Calgary In 2015

The second phase of the Fort Calgary Master Plan is scheduled for completion in 2015

A replica of the 1875 fort will be constructed on the grass in front of this building. Phase three of the project involves the renovation and expansion of the interpretive centre

Last fall, officials from all levels of government participated in a sod turning to mark the first phase of the Fort Calgary Master Plan Expansion. Since then, restoration of the Deane House and conservation of the Hunt House has made huge leaps.

On October 16, the sod was turned to mark the second phase of this project. This phase marks the beginning of the building of a re-imagined version of the original 1875 NWMP fort. Next year, Calgarians will be able to visit a permanent interpretive exhibit on the land that marked the birthplace of Calgary. 

Few know that the original fort was only standing for seven years. Yet, as a symbol of what Calgary was, is, and will be, re-imagining the fort is an essential part of preserving Alberta’s history and heritage. While few details of the replica have been released, know that there will be red LED lights decorating the exhibit and artwork by Jill Anholt. According to Anholt, her work on the interpretive exhibit "brings structure, nature and culture together in a composition that is respectful of the past yet evocative of the transiency of memory and time."

The interpretive exhibit won’t only make Calgary’s past more accessible and act as an important Calgary symbol, though. The renewal of Fort Calgary is also helping in the overall evolution of the city as a whole. Situated right next to the booming East Village, the renewal of Fort Calgary will help in the area’s rejuvenation into a vibrant urban village. Like the Edges Project and the new red sentinels, the projects at Fort Calgary aim to create a seamless transition between Calgary's newest, urban community and Calgary's oldest community.

“Fort Calgary is an important resource for all Calgarians and visitors to our city,” says Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “On behalf of all Calgarians, I am looking forward to this new chapter in our history.” 

The 1875 Fort Interpretive Exhibit is due for completion in 2015. The third phase, which involves expanding the original 1976 interpretive centre with a second level. 

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