You Could Own 4.25 Acres 10 Minutes to Downtown


5466 Edworthy St. S.W.






Tom Styles. Re/Max Real Estate (Mountain View)

What you get

  • 6,500 square-feet.
  • 5 bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms. Plus, there is an extra half bathroom.
  • Views of downtown and the river. It's on a hillside, so there are a lot of beautiful views. 
  • The lower level has a sports bar with 3 satellite feeds.
  • The music, televisions, light and temperature can all be controlled by a central remote. 
  • There is an elevator, because, why not?
  • And, there are staff quarters or guest quarters or adult-children-who-won't-move-out quarters. 

Selling points

It's on 4.5 acres right in the city. If that 4.5 acres isn't enough to stretch out in, that land is on a hillside next to the 400 acres of land that is Edworthy Park. That means this home (actually, let's call it an estate) is just 10 minutes to downtown. 

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