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Real Estate

A Love Letter from a Pissed-off Neighbour

If you could talk to your neighbours from hell, what would you say?

Tales of Real Estate: The Realtors From Hell

There’s a world of realtors to choose from. Pick carefully. And not from among your family members.

When is home-ownership a bad idea?

For many homeowners who buy before they’re financially ready, that move can be devastating. Financial expert Kelley Kehn's tips to consider before buying a home.

Mortgage Tips and Tricks for Calgarians

What type of mortgage is best for you? Tips from financial expert and author Kelley Keehn.

Tales of Real Estate: Into the Wild

A city slicker makes the move to the middle of nowhere.

Tales of Real Estate: The Impulse Buyer

Even the most methodical of consumers can buy a home on a whim.