Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi is in Calgary Serving Soup. Here’s What You Need to Know

Making sure you get served soup from the Soup Nazi is an art. Here’s everything you need to remember to get your soup — and your bread too.


Fans of soup and fans of Seinfeld, get ready. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

Larry Thomas, also known as the Soup Nazi who appeared in the season 7, episode 6 episode of Seinfeld, will be appearing at NYC Deli’s northwest location on June 21.

Why is the Soup Nazi in Calgary?

Where else would he be apart from the city’s most authentic New York-style deli? This is the place to find those tasty pastrami sandwiches you thought were only on the USA’s east coast as well as signature sandwiches such as The Godfather (Montreal smoked meat with Swiss cheese and brown mustard), the Seinfeld (garlic roasted turkey on brisket with Swiss cheese and brown mustard), and the New York Cheese Steak (just like it sounds).

More about the Soup Nazi

This eccentric character is played by Larry Thomas, an American actor. In 1996, Thomas was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series and has also made a guest appearance in Arrested Development

How to order soup from the Soup Nazi

Be afraid. 
The Soup Nazi has the power to give you soup — and to take it away.

Know what you want to order. 
There should be no dilly-dallying when it comes to ordering soup from the Soup Nazi.

Image courtesy of NYC Deli.

Be succinct.
There is no small talk and no sharing of opinions when ordering from the Soup Nazi. 

Be quick.
After ordering, immediately step to the side to pay and collect your soup. Maintaining efficiency and order is of utmost importance.

Don’t ask for bread.
It's a very simple rule.

Expect inconsistencies.
Prices can change. (That is, some customers are more equal than others. Channel Kramer, not Elaine.)

Don’t touch the counter.
Your arms should be kept by your side, except when collecting your soup.

How to meet the Soup Nazi

For one day only, the Soup Nazi will be in character at NYC Deli’s northwest location, serving up soup, Seinfeld swag and plenty of sass. Show up at the restaurant, which is located in the Charlesglen Toyota building, any time between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Fans can also contact the deli and explain why they’re the ultimate fan for the chance to have lunch with him.

The best of the Soup Nazi. Learn how it's done.

(NYC Deli, 7687 110 Ave. N.W.,

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