7 Best Milkshakes in Calgary (and Cochrane)

We live in a liquid world. Check out any street corner and you’ll see people clutching their coffee cups, water bottles and Big Gulp containers. While some are caffeinated and some are sugary, there are also those drinks that hew to electrolyte-balancing and supplement-charged health.

And then there are those of us who like to suck it back old school with the ne plus ultra of beverages — the milkshake. Ice cream, milk, maybe some fruit or flavouring, whipped silly in an old-fashioned mixer. Sucked through a collapsing straw til brain freeze takes over. What’s better on a hot summer day? (Or a cold winter one for that matter?)

Here are a few of the independent places around town that harken when the milkshake craving hits. (And we’re not talking about those pre-mixed, pre-fabbed, gelatinized, never-melting glues that you’ll find in so many places.)

Boogie’s Burgers

When a place as funky as Boogie’s whips up a peanut butter and banana milkshake (the Young Elvis) or adds bacon to it (the Fat Elvis), you know you’re in for a treat. Try the Angry Aztec of chocolate ice cream, cinnamon and cayenne for an eye-opening experience here. 

(908 Edmonton Tr. N.E., 403-230-7070, boogiesburgers.com)

Burger Inn

Known mostly for its burgers, Burger Inn nonetheless does a respectable shake. I’m fond of the basic vanilla here, to pair with an exotic wild boar or luscious lamb burger.

(1711 4 St. S.W., 403-244-9293 or 9669 Macleod Trail S, 403-252-4840, burgerinn.com)

Clive Burger

The new kid on the block rocks vanilla, chocolate, cherry and coffee milkshakes using a hand-crafted concoction prepared by Model Milk pastry chef Vanessa Roenspies. The cherry compote added to the shake is outstanding. (Serious quality here.)

(736 17 Ave. S.W., 403-461-7088, @cliveburger17)

Dairy Lane

They just do the classics at Dairy Lane — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. But who really needs anything else? These are retro shakes done with class and taste, the way the Lane has done them since the 1950s.

(319 19 St., N.W., 403-283-2497, dairylanecafe.ca)

Fat City Franks

If you like your shake malted, no one does it better than Fat City Frank’s. Thick as you can handle, rich with Foothills ice cream and old-fashioned malty flavour. (Double down on the malt, please.)

(2015 4 St. S.W., 403-229-3641, fatcityfranks.com)

Galaxie Diner

The little diner with the long lineup provides the perfect Creamsicle shake to go with your breakfast. Hashbrowns and a shake? What could be better?

(1413 11 St. S.W., 403-228-0001, galaxiediner.com)

MacKay’s Ice Cream

It’s classic, it’s creamy and it’s worth the drive to Cochrane. MacKay’s has been around since 1948 and there’s a reason for its longevity. And since we’re talking classic, try the rum-raisin shake here. The rum comes through with a velvety push.

(220 1 St. S.W., Cochrane, 403-932-2455, mackaysicecream.com)



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