Kyle Van Der Velden is the owner of North American Quality Purveyors, a menswear shop carrying brands exclusively designed and manufactured in North America

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10 Things That Inspire Kyle Van Der Velden

At his Inglewood location, we asked Kyle Van Der Velden — the owner of North American Quality Purveyors — to share with us what inspires his unique style. 

Gitman Vintage

“They have been making shirts in Ashland, Penn., since 1978. The best thing about them is, regardless if you buy one shirt or three, they all fit exactly the same — they’re incredibly well made.” 

Urban Adventurer Style

“The style is someone who wears the same jeans, boots and shirt, whether they are at work, in the wilderness camping or in the mountains.” 

Social Media

“The amount of stuff you can find on blogs, Twitter and Instagram is unreal. I found about 30 new clothing companies, just from social media. I’m going to use Twitter and Instagram to create a community out of the rapport between the customer, the clothing companies and myself.” 

Railcar Denim

“Steven Dang owns and operates Railcar Fine Goods, and it’s just unbelievable. There are only seven people in the company, and it’s empowering to see people who are so passionate.”  

Tubby Dog

“It’s always the best — you can’t beat it in Calgary.” 

Wreck City

“It was a lot of fun. Tons of people were going, including people that aren’t in tune with the Calgary art scene, because they heard about it and that it was a cool thing to do. That’s the kind of stuff I want to see more of in Calgary.” 

Nick Wooster

“This guy is unbelievably fashionable. He was the menswear fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman and the creative director at J.C. PenneyHe’s got a white twirled moustache and leg tattoos; he’s just a handsome guy.” 


“I’m not huge on cologne, but I love Juniper Ridge’s cedar fragrance. I like being able to smell like the wilderness, but not reek of campfire.”

Crown Shaving Co.

“Owner Dino Caracciolo, who is a barber by trade, was getting rashes from the products he was using, so he decided to make his own that are 100-per cent natural. They smell so good. It’s very manly stuff, and it’s all made in Toronto.” 


“I was warned that I should go somewhere ‘easy for my first travelling experience, but seeing Africa was one of those things I felt like I had to do. I saw 14 countries in five months. It was truly amazing.” 

North American Quality Purveyors is located at 1207 10 Ave. S.E. For more information, visit, call 403-910-9913 or follow @northamericanqp on Twitter and Instagram

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