5 Eye Makeup Picks from Calgary Experts

Whether you're feeling mysterious, shy, wild or confident, eye liners and shadows can help pronounce that mood to the world. Check out these top-notch recommendations from local makeup artists to find out what's in for Fall. 

Karen Malcolm


Recommendation: Jane Iredale Eye Steppes in GoCool 

"Jane Iredale Eye Steppes in GoCool is a quad of eyeshadows that give you the perfect purple smokey eye for the season. With options rangeing from bright violet to dark purple, it's great for all eye colors."

Alicja Wilkosz


Recommendation: Habanera Duo Eyeshadow by NARS

"I'm in love with the makeup for Chanel this fall, and this Habanera duo eyeshadow mimics that look perfectly. The glamorous silver and amethyst  lend a mysterious, rich vibe. Smudge a black eyeliner for a more dramatic smokey eye."

Kelly Hilliard


Recommendation: 'Diamond Gold Aqua-liners by Make-up Forever'

"If you're tired of eyeshadow, Make-up Forever's aqua-liners are a great way to spice up your eyes. There are 15 amazing waterproof colors, with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes — The diamond gold being my personal favourite. Combine these fun liners with a neutral shadow for best results."

Tara Anand


Recommendation: Sapphire blue caviar sticks by Laura Mercier 

"Smokey eyes are all the rage this season but with a twist — color. The fantastic thing about these caviar sticks is that they can be used as an eye shadow or an eyeliner, and the colour doesn't crease, transfer or come off until you want it to. Blend lightly over the lid for an eye shadow effect, smoke out or line."

Teslin Ward


Recommendation: Bare Canvas by MAC

"Bare Canvas is a great nude shade that can be worn on it's own or with a dramatic turquoise liner or heavy mascara. It also works well as base coat to keep other shadows from creasing."

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