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Calgary's Best Restaurants 2015

Our annual rankings of the best places to eat in the city.

76 Things To Eat This Summer

From fried foods to sandwiched foods, rolled foods and wrapped foods, here are our top picks of what to eat this summer.

Calgary Patio Finder

Search more than 200 patios by location, sun factor, the direction it faces and more crucial criteria for choosing the best al fresco dining spot.
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Restaurants & Food

The Difficulty Finding and Keeping Great Restaurant Staff

One of the challenges that accompanies a booming restaurant scene is finding and retaining the right, hardworking staff.

John Gilchrist's 10 Calgary Dining Trends

Local is the new exotic, bacon gets even better, technology meets food and tiny restaurants are trendy — this is what’s new and there’s a 
whole lot more, too.

The Couple Behind Cilantro, Bar C, Divino and More Great Restaurants

The owners of the award-winning Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts are so dedicated to quality and sustainability that they got into the game business and opened a ranch.
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Sausages of Calgary

Oktoberfest runs from September 19 to October 4. Here are a few locally sourced sausages that are worthy of celebrating.

Calgary's Casual French Dining Boom

In the last five to 10 years, casual and affordable French dining has become easier to find in Calgary.

Wines from Washington and Oregon that You Should Try

For stylish wines with a sense of place, just look to the west.
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40 Calgarians Bought a Winery in Argentina

It’s not a completely uncommon story — a group of Calgarians invest in an upstart winery, get a bunch of wine and maybe a bit of money out of it down the road. What’s different about this one is that the winery is neither in the Okanagan nor even southern Ontario. It’s in Argentina.

Nice Cream is Calgary's First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop

This new ice cream shop uses freezing cold liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in seconds.

Farmers' Markets In and Around Calgary

The big markets, the small markets and the out-of-town markets to visit if you're looking for fresh, local products
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This Is for Anyone Who Loves Fried Chicken

Chicken on the Way turns 57 this weekend and there’s going to be a kind of celebration.

If Your Neighbourhood Was a Flatbread, What Would It Taste Like?

Village Flatbread names its flatbreads, sandwiches, salads and drinks after some of Calgary’s most self-contained, sustainable and community-oriented neighbourhoods. Here’s how it works.

New Restaurant: Tuk Tuk Thai

This quick and cheerful Thai restaurant offers exceptionally good value and big, fresh flavours.
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How to Make Earls' Amaretto Sour

Earls helps rehabilitate a cocktail outcast.

5 Brunches from Beyond our Borders

Looking for something more ethnically diverse to go with your Americano?

Rundle Lounge's Sweet and Summery Wild Rose Lemonade

How it came to be and what you need to make your own.
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5 Pet-Friendly Patios in Calgary

These patios have water bowls, mats and even "puppaccinos” for your pooch.

5 Seasonal Beers for Summer

Summer is slipping away so why not chase it with one of these fine season-appropriate beers before it's too late?

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