12 Pies to Try During YYC Pizza Week

Slim Jims, brandy-flambéed pears, chicken korma — any topping goes for the more than 40 restaurants that created special pizzas for this week.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is serving a Patate Pancetta Pizza for YYC Pizza Week.

Photograph courtesy of YYC Pizza Week


YYC Pizza Week is really 10 days from September 25 to October 4. During that time more than 40 restaurants create a special pie and serve it up to the public for $20. $3 from every pizza sold goes to Calgary Meals on Wheels, which will spend that cash wisely — it delivered more than 388,000 thousand healthy meals to people in need last year alone. The pizzas for YYC Pizza Week are in four categories including gluten-free, thick crust, thin crust and/or unique. Pick up a pizza passport at your first stop and try to eat your way through all of the pizzas. Vote for your favourites in each category and see which pies come out on top when the week is done.

Visit the YYC Pizza Week website for a rundown on all of the pizzas available and here is a dozen of the more unusual pies on the menu.


YYC Recession Pizza

What does one eat during a recession? Ripe Tomato Pizza Bar thinks Slim Jims and hot sauce. This pizza's toppings include smoky barbecue sauce, Slim Jim's, Kraft Singles cheese, a dill pickle, Frank's Hot Sauce and ripple chips. It comes with a Mars bar on the side. It sounds crazy, but Ripe's pizzas are usually good so it might be worth a try.

Ripe Tomato Pizza Bar, 105, 20 Sienna Park Link S.W., 403-474-6636, ripetomatopizza.com, @ripetomatopizza

All Wheel Avocado

This one is for those times when you want your appetizer on your pizza. Breaded deep fried avocado is the main feature of this pie that also has cajun chicken, banana peppers, sriracha aioli, pizza sauce and mozzarella. It's on Garage's house brand pizza dough.

The Garage Sports & Billiards, Eau Claire Market, 200 Barclay Parade S.W., 403-262-6762, the-garage.ca, @garagesportsbar

Bánh Mì

The classic sandwich is one of the best examples of fusion food with its French bread and Vietnamese toppings. This pizza advances that fusion another degree by putting the braised short rib, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapenos, sriracha mayo and cilantro on pizza crust with mozzarella and fontina.

Beer Revolution, 1080 8 St. S.W., 403-264-2739, beerrevolution.ca, @revolutionyyc

Chicken Korma

It's sometimes a surprise what is made in-house at this basement pub. In this case, the kitchen has come up with korma sauce and korma scented chicken. That goes on the pizza along with bell peppers, red onion, banana peppers, fresh ginger and cilantro.

Below Deck Tavern, 221 8 Ave. S.W., 403-452-3832, belowdeck.ca, @belowdecktavern

Indian Flair

Of all the countries known for its pizza, India would not be one. But, if it did have a pie, it might be topped with a curry sauce, mozzarella, grape tomatoes, roasted cashews, ginger, marinated chicken and fenugreek leaves.

Fast Lane Pizza, 675 Acadia Dr. S.E., 403-271-1181, fastlanepizza.com


Italian Thanksgiving Pizza

An Italian Thanksgiving tastes like maple cinnamon mashed yams with pecans, cranberries, mozzarella, pancetta, roasted red peppers and fresh oregano.

Brooklyn Pizzeria & Taps, 412, 8888 Country Hills Blvd. N.W., 403-546-6220, brooklynpizza.ca, @brooklynpizzaca


Patate Pancetta Pizza

If you have never had potato pizza, it is time you try it. This one comes with creme fraiche, fior di latte, roasted potato slices, pancetta, egg, caramelized onions, rosemary, basil and parmesan. If you are vegetarian, swap the pancetta for Brussels sprouts. 

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, 2303 4 St. S.W., 403-455-3839, famoso.ca, @famosopizzeria


Sake-Bomb Japza

Every year there is a sushi-type pizza and every year it is one of the most popular. This one has spicy salmon tataki, salmon roe and crispy salmon skin on Japanese rice. 

Cafe 100%, 656 Country Hills Rd. N.W., 403-460-3728


Smoked Turkey Pear and Goat Cheese

This one starts with a maple-glazed crust and gets even better with hickory smoked turkey and brandy-flambéed pears. Bacon and goat cheese put it over-the-top. 

1000 9 Ave. S.W., 403-233-7500, dickenspub.ca, @dickensyyc


Stavros Royale Cheeseburger and Fries

This pizza on a sesame seed crust does indeed have French fries on it, along with the usual burger components of beef, onions, pickle, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheddar and sauce.  

4105 4 St. N.W., 403-284-4504, stavrossportsbar.com, @originalstavros



When you think about it, the basic components of stirfry can sometimes be similar to pizza toppings. Pizza Bob's puts chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella, red onion, green pepper, garlic and what it calls "light fire sauce" on a garlic buttered crust. It is finished with basil and honey garlic sauce. 

Pizza Bob's Classic Pie, 2610 Kensington Rd. N.W., 403-521-2627, pizzabobs.ca


Potato Steak & Egger Pizza

This pizza is Sunday dinner in a flat-crust pie with mashed potato, scrambled egg, creamy sauce, roast beef, bacon bits and cheese. 

Yellow Box Gourmet Pizza, 4604 Bowness Rd. N.W., 403-288-6644


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