7 Perfect Calgary Patio Drinks

Taber corn, B.C. cherries and celery as the new Caesar base are the taste of summer cocktails in Calgary.

The pomberry mojito is one of Ki Modern Japanese & Bar's spring cocktails.


Next time you go for drinks on a patio — which is basically the standing plan for whenever the sun is shining — rotate in one of these cocktails. They all come with something that is a little extra summery (or in the case of Anju's punch, it comes with cookies which is reason enough to order it).


Black Sesame Punch at Anju

Patios and punch are always a good pairing. This punch from Anju is a boozy twist on milk and cookies. The drink is a creamy mix of Hennessey VS, Lemon Hart spiced rum, black bean soy milk, black sesame syrup and bitters served with gochujang chocolate cookies.  

344 17 Ave. S.W., 403-460-3341, anju.ca, @anjurestaurant


Celery Caesar at Bar C

Bar C has two patios, one in the front and one in the alley. And, it likes to roll out new cocktail lists for special occasions. This year for the Stampede it has six cocktails that it will only serve between July 3 and 12. One of them is the celery Caesar, which takes the beloved classic and uses celery juice as a base instead of clamato and adds a dash of marsala to the spice mix.

340 17 Ave. S.W., 403-984-3667, bar-c.ca, @barcfooddrink


Blueberry Mojito at Boxwood

Wild blueberries are mixed with syrup made with mint from Boxwood's garden. The alcohol added is Chic Choc spiced rum which is made in small batches in Quebec with spices that include pine forest spikenard, lovage root, sweet gale seeds, wild Angelica and peppery green alder.

340 13 Ave. S.W., 403-265-4006, boxwoodcafe.ca, @boxwoodcalgary


Taber Fresh at Cannibale

Taber corn might be one of the quintessential tastes of Alberta summer. Cannibale has managed to take the cobbed vegetable and put it in a drink using only three ingredients. Ketel One vodka is mixed with sweet corn juice and lemon and served in a glass rimmed with salt and pepper. 

813 1 Ave. N.E., 403-454-5808, cannibale.ca, @cannibale_yyc


Ruby Crush at The Coup

If the taste of summer isn't exclusively Taber corn, it might also be B.C. cherries. The Ruby Crush cocktail at The Coup includes B.C. cherry juice, lemon, lime, bourbon and fennel soaked vermouth over crushed ice. 

924 17 Ave. S.W., 403-541-1041, thecoup.ca, @thecoupcalgary


Pomberry Mojito at Ki Modern Japanese & Bar

Inside Ki's bar with its sake-inspired cocktails is one of the best downtown lounges. When it is warm, there is also a bar outside on the patio. Try the pomberry mojito with fresh mint and blueberries, Junmai sake, pomegranate and lemon juice served with simple syrup and topped with soda. 

308 4 Ave. S.W., 403-264-1133, kijapanese.com, @kijapanese

Livingston Lemonade at Selkirk Grille

Consider ending your visit to Heritage Park with a cocktail on the patio of the Selkirk Grille or going to the park just for dinner or drinks. It has a few old-timey-themed drinks that are great for patios, including the Livingston lemonade. The drink made with Southern Comfort, amaretto, bitters, lime juice, soda, lemon and orange zest is named for Sam Livingston who homesteaded close to where Selkirk Grille is now. You can even visit his house which is on display in the park.

1900 Heritage Dr. S.W., 403-268-8607, heritagepark.ca


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