Best Service

The top 3 from Avenue Calgary's 2013 Best Restaurant Awards.

1. Brava Bistro [now closed]

A perennial winner in this category, the key to Brava’ssuccess is consistency, not only night by night, but year after year. Of the eight judges this year, no one could recall ever having bad service, despite all of us having eaten there many times. It’s not the kind of service where you feel fawned upon, but rather the kind that’s so seamless, you almost don’t notice how well you’re being attended. And it’s not just by one server, but by a team that functions with the kind of precision that comes from training, knowledge and years of experience.


2. Cassis Bistro

When French charm is good, it’s very, very good. Combine that with a casual approach and very fine knowledge of the menu and wines and the whole experience is excellent.


3. La Chaumière

La Chaumière is all about Old-World elegance, and the service is a key ingredient. Servers are formal, without being stuffy, and their attention to every detail is impeccable.

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