Best Steak or Chophouse

The top 3 from Avenue Calgary's 2013 Best Restaurant Awards.

1. Vintage Chophouse

Only one per cent of Canadian beef is graded as Prime (higher than AAA), and that’s what you’ll get at Vintage Chophouse, where steaks are aged from 35 to 55 days. Chef Andrew Keen cooks them on a seven-foot charbroiler with a cast-iron top for intense, even heat distribution, and finishes them with a brush of butter and sprinkle of Maldon salt. The dark wood and crisp, white linens of the main dining room make it elegant and stylish. Experienced sommeliers help select from more than 300 wines.


2. Charcut Roast House

While it’s not generally thought of as a steakhouse,Charcut knows its meat, and serves up some of the best steaks in a variety of cuts — atop a salad, with pomme frites or topped with chimichurri — in the city.


3. Thomsons

An elegant room in the lobby of the Hyatt downtown,Thomsons serves naturally raised Alberta beef, house aged for 35 days — you choose the cut, size and sauce.

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