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Dining Out

Best Late-Night Bar Snacks in Calgary

When it's past midnight and you've had a few drinks, a German-style pretzel or Guinness onion rings can really hit the spot.

6 Fresh Dishes for Spring

Warm, sunny weather calls for bright, light dishes — best eaten on the patio wherever possible.

20 Places for Late-Night Dining

Calgary gets a bad rap for its lack of late-night dining options, but there are some quality spots for the nocturnally minded, if you know where to look.

27 New Midway Foods for Stampede 2015

On the midway this year, expect treats like mini donut pops, savoury creations like red curry poutine and bizarre snacks like cockroach pizza.

10 Burgers to Try During Alberta Burger Fest

There are more than 35 burgers to try in Calgary over 10 days with prices ranging from $10 to $50.

Guilty Pleasures of 10 Calgary Foodies

Because even gourmands like a little junk food now and then.

6 Great Takes on French Toast

This classic breakfast staple gets some serious upgrades with sweet and savoury additions that are downright decadent.

5 Halibut Dishes to Try

It's officially halibut season and restaurants like Catch are making us really happy about it.

7 Poutines to Try During Calgary’s Poutine Week

From April 18 to 25, try a lot of poutines and support a good cause at the same time.

New Restaurant: Nû Burger Sushi Bar

This Japanese-inspired burger joint serves interesting and fun fusion food that's perfect for the adventurous eater.

New Restaurant: The Beltliner

Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, this modern diner is perfect for a casual meal anytime.

Fit Kitchen Opens in McKenzie Towne

This new store sells fresh, healthy, packaged meals meals that you can prepare at home in three minutes.

8 Fresh-tasting Dishes for Spring

Celebrate the warm weather with these dishes guaranteed to coax your tastebuds out of hibernation.

New Restaurant: Parc

An authentic, casual French cafe and brasserie is a welcome addition to Mount Royal Village.

10 Restaurants and their Signature Dishes

Seasonal cooking is great but some dishes are so good, we hope they stay on menus forever.

New Restaurant: Eldorado Barbecue Lounge

This downtown restaurant, with its Southern influences and diverse menu, offers something for every appetite.

Do Lunch, Not Brunch

This weekend, while everyone is lining up for brunch, why not switch it up and do a lovely Saturday or Sunday lunch instead at one of these eight restaurants?

8 Oldies but Goodies

These restaurants that are 20 years old or older have definitely stood the test (and taste) of time.

Best Restaurants Honourable Mentions

These restaurants didn't fit into any of our categories or maybe just didn't quite make the cut, but our Best Restaurants judges deemed each of these eight restaurants more than worthy of an honourable mention.

9 Restaurants to Watch For in 2015

These restaurants were either too new or had 
too recently changed chefs for the judges to 
adequately assess them for our Best Restaurants, but they’re definitely 
worthy of shout-outs.
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