How To Survive A Raptor Attack: Parkluxe Designers Weigh In

This Friday’s Parkluxe fashion show at the Jamieson Winter Gardens is shaping up to be quite an affair, with designers Caitlin Power, Bridget Bergman, Lara Presber and Anne Bacalso showcasing their clothing and accessories. But fashion isn’t always fun and games and smoothly-running shows. To help prepare these designers for the most dangerous eventualities, Avenue outlined a few hypothetical, bizarre situations in which they would have to choose between their personal safety and the well-being of their wardrobes. Read on to find out how they — or their clothing — would survive.

Caitlin Power designs

You’re at the Calgary Stampede, wearing some gorgeous red-soled Christian Laboutins, when a real stampede erupts. Someone has let all the cattle out of the holding pens. You lose a shoe in the melée. Do you go back for it, or relinquish it to its squashed fate?

Lara Presber: I'd hop on the back of the horse of the closest cowboy and hope that his calf(skin) roping skills are up to par.

Caitlin Power: Since they would be my first pair of Louboutins, I would rip the other shoe off my foot, throw it into my purse, and start cattle jumping from one to the other to make it back to my shoe!  A Louboutin should not end its life at the Calgary Stampede, it has too much to live for!

Bridget Bergman: I could never leave a beautiful shoe behind! I'm pretty sure this would be where a rodeo clown would be able to swoop in and save the day, and my shoe.

Anne Bacalso: I'll go back for it, definitely, hoping the heel might still be in perfect condition! I don't want to walk with one shoe or barefoot!

Bridget Bergman designs

You’re at the Calgary airport, waiting for your luggage to arrive on one of the carousels. In a Jurassic Park-esque turn of events, the raptor statues that are posed on top of one the carousels come to life and start rifling through your belongings. One of the raptors starts tearing into the arm of your Burberry trench coat. It’s camel-coloured carnage. What do you do?

L.P.: Wake up from a bad dream as I always travel with only the essentials and never check luggage.

C.P.: I become a ninja, a random stranger throws me my swords, and I shred the dinosaur to pieces!  I salvage the coat, and remove the sleeves to make it a summer coat-vest!

B.B.: Watching a jacket in distress would be extremely difficult, but I've seen Jurassic Park enough to know that all I could do is grab my jacket and run. Then see what I could do to save it, maybe turn it into a trench vest?

A.B.: I'll certainly grab my trench coat. I'm not of scared of anyone. Anyway, I can still revise it and make it look more unique!

Lara Presber designs

You’re at Friday’s Parkluxe event at the Jamieson Place Winter Gardens. An overzealous staff member at Jamieson Place has taken the “winter” part of the gardens’ moniker a little too seriously. He's turned the air conditioning on so high that the models refuse to walk: it’s too cold to change in and out of outfits. Will it be death by model mutiny for you, or will the show go on?

L.P.: One of my favourite things to design are coats and jackets so the models need not worry about the chill factor as they are wrapped in luxurious European wools!

C.P.: I would bring in backup! I would call Sophia Models, tell them we have a crisis on our hands, and have them ship over all their gorgeous male models. I would have them escort the ladies onto the runway, and everything would go on as it should. Body heat will make the girls walk!

B.B.: The show will go on! My entire collection is made up of men's and woman's jackets that can protect you from the harshest of Canadian climates. The models will have nothing to fear.

A.B.: Cold or hot, rain or shine, the show must go on!

Parkluxe is an 18+ event that begins at 6 p.m. on Aug. 26 in the Jamieson Winter Gardens, with an after-party held at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar. Get more information on the Parkluxe Show or purchase tickets for $25.

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