2013 Christmas Fashion Shoot

Photography by Jason Stang

Styling by Kara Chomistek

All gift-wrapping by Papyrus

Decoration by Marco Remanente, Kyra Weston, Amarjit Takhar, Liza Skaria and Dawn Bollinger (Peridot Calgary)

Hair by Cassidy Andrew

Makeup by Caro Schmaltz

While the family sleeps, Beast keeps an eye on Santa's treats.

All of Beast’s costumes are from PetSmart. For gift listings, visit Gifts for the Hostess.

Our family is aflutter as they tear into their gifts...

On Grandma | Sweater by Moschino, $1,550, from Ooh La La Womenswear; pants, $25, from Target; shoes, $50, from Gap; bracelet, $150, from Michael Kors; tartan necklace, $4,175, from Chanel; ring, $279, from Primitive Culture.

On Dad | Sweater by Pendleton, $295, from Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters; pyjamas, $114, and Yale slippers, $272, all from Brooks Brothers.

On Charlie | Sweater, $41, from Gymboree; pyjama bottoms, $25, from Coco & Charlie.

On Mom | Silk pyjamas by Kumi Kookoon, $350, and robe by Christine Vancouver, $350, both from Shades of Sleep; slippers, $150, from Gravity Pope; ring, $299, from Primitive Culture; earrings, $1,500, from Rubaiyat.

On Ashley | Top, $36, skirt, $46, and tights, $24, all from Coco & Charlie; flats, $35, from Gap Kids.

Mom tries out her spa-themed gifts...

Robe, $300, and slip, $275, both by Christine Vancouver, from Shades of Sleep; necklace, $350, from Tory Burch; amethyst ruby earrings by Anzie, $1,500, from Rubaiyat; Atlas collection bracelets, $6,400 (wide) and $6,050 (narrow), both from Tiffany & Co.

For gift listings visit Gifts for Mom.

Dad feels like a kid again...

Pyjamas, $114, robe, $400, and Yale slippers, $272, all from Brooks Brothers; watch by Komono, $109, from Spareparts.

For gift listings visit Gifts for Dad.

Ashley and Charlie hit the jackpot...

On Ashley | Bodysuit, $31, tutu, $65, lace cardigan, $30, and tiara, $20, all from The Masque; heart cardigan, $46, from Purr Petite; leg warmers, $19, tights, $6, scrunchy, $26, and slippers by Capezio, $26, all from Classique Dancewear; necklace, $140, from Tiffany & Co.

On Charlie | Housecoat, $34, and pyjama tops, $34, both from Coco & Charlie; pyjama bottoms, $17.50, from Gymboree; slippers, $23, from Gap Kids.

For gift listings visit Gifts for Kids.

And Grandma volunteers to make breakfast with her new kitchen gadgets, but gets lost in an e-book.

Dress by Thomas Wylde, $2,200, from Ette; shawl by Kite and Butterfly, $399, from Primitive Culture; Ziegfeld collection pearl necklace, $1,300, and beaded necklace, $880, both from Tiffany & Co.; cross necklace, $3,630, locket, $6,120, cross and bead necklace, $3,630, opal ring, $4,060, sapphire and diamond ring, $7,800, gold bracelet, $6,950; gold and ruby bracelet, $4,740; sapphire and diamond bangle, $4,940, gold bangle, $475, and emerald and diamond bangle, $4,800, all from Rubaiyat; glasses by Francis Klein, $529, from Brass Monocle.

For gift listings visit Gifts for Grandma.

And finally it's self-portrait time before dinner.

On Dad | Suit, $1,200, shirt, $98, belt, $136, Black Fleece label coat, $1,650, and Black Fleece label tie, $138, all from Brooks Brothers; shoes by Churches, $510, from Gravity Pope.

On Charlie | Jacket (part of suit), $272, snowman pants, $88, shirt, $65, and shoes, $98, all from Brooks Brothers; bow tie by Bano eeMee, $50, from Espy; socks, $115, from Hudson’s Bay.

On Ashley | Dress, $168, shirt, $132, and shoes, $98 all from Brooks Brothers; tights, $15, from Gap Kids; Boy Brick flap bag, $4,100, from Chanel.

On Grandma | Cardigan, $435, jacket, $545, stole, $498, pants, $250, belt, $52, and shoes, $150, all from Brooks Brothers; necklace by Gabriele Frantzen, $925, from Ette.

On Mom | Shirt, $475, and fur stole, $1,550, both from Burberry; skirt, $385, coat, $715, and shoes, $950, all from Brooks Brothers; tights, $13, from Gap; earrings, $1,950, from Rubaiyat; necklace by Charlotte Housten, $255, from Leo Boutique; Boy Brick clutch, $14,000, from Chanel.

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