What Calgary's Fashion Elites Wore to PARKSHOW 2016

PARKSHOW 2016 provided two exciting nights of fashion for some of the city's most stylish to strut their stuff.


Calgary's sartorial set were out in full force at Chinook Centre on May 27 and 28 to attend two packed fashion shows courtesy of PARKPARKSHOW 2016 brought a Miami vibe that had attendees taking in local graffiti art, food and a cocktail or two alongside some impressive fashion from 15 emerging designers. And while the runway was a true testament to the strength of Canada's fashion industry, the outfits that filled the seats along its edge were a true example of the city's fashion ambassadors.  


Photographs by fraser tripp

Suzanne Stewart and Kayla Browne of The Neat Blog mastered statement pieces in their outfits for the evening. Stewart's colourful accessories such as the Coutukitsch pom pom and her necklace from IKKX compliment her black and white dress by Marilyne Baril. Browne's long-sleeved, gold-topped dress is from gravitypope.


Stewart's chunky yarn necklace from Belgium-based IKKX was both playful and eye-catching, fitting in perfectly with the locally made art on the walls.


Fashion and style blogger Vincent Law poses in all white in front of Jie-Eun Lee's Red Queen mural.


Theresa Yurkewich went with a cool Miami look with these wide-legged pants from Banana Republic.


Stylist Sarah Tolhurst went with a classic silhouette while style blogger Paul Conrad Schneider went DIY with the designs on his leather jacket.


Everyone's selfie camera was put through its paces at Hedkandi and Johnny's Barber + Shop's onsite hair touchup station.


Cat of Cat's Eye Vintage says her pants definitely turned a few heads on her way to the show.


Stylist and wardrobe consultant Sarah G. Schmidt paired neon colour and textures with more muted accessories like her grey cap.


Stylist Ivan Jiménez went with a black-and-white look from H&M while Big Brother Canada's Raúl Manriquez went with a fitted long-line look. 


Alana Carlson and Brittany Hazel looked ready to hangout at chic Miami cocktail lounge.

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