The Local Letterboard That Is Your Next Social Media Accessory

Go humorous or heartfelt with the messages you leave on a Modernspeak letterboard.

Photographs courtesy of Modernspeak


The letterboard craze that we’ve been witnessing via Pinterest and Instagram has officially hit Calgary. Modernspeak is new company to Calgary created by husband-and-wife team Kristyn Snell and Maciej Kudrycki when they were looking for a creative outlet outside of their day jobs and parenting their two-year-old son. 

“The letterboard idea started when I wanted one to track milestones for our son and couldn't find any businesses in Western Canada that sold them,” says Snell. “We decided a letterboard company aligned with our creative backgrounds. My husband is a former designer and I work in communications. Words and design are kind of our jam.” 

Whether you are apt to quip snappy, snarky phrases or post genuine motivational messages to yourself (or others) the possibilities are endless with Modernspeak letterboards. “People love an outlet to express themselves whether it's through photography, words or social media. Letterboards bring all of these mediums together as people put their thoughts, milestones or favourite quotes on their boards, take beautiful photos and then share them with their followers,” says Snell.

The letterboards come with 300 plastic letters, numbers and symbols for you to configure quotes to your heart’s content. The boards have a solid wood frame with a ribbed felt backing to fit the plastic letters in. All letterboards come with a cotton drawstring bag to keep the letters in one place. Use it at home, at the office or at events like weddings and baby showers.

As far as what kind of messages inspire Snell, the more heartfelt the better, though she definitely keeps things cheeky from time to time. “I love the signs where people track milestones from their kids first days of preschool to their pregnancy journey in weeks."

Modernspeak is available in Calgary at Liz & Lottie, Kit Interior Objects, Krickets and Outside the Shape. You can also buy the boards on Etsy.

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