The Uncommons Has a Shop-Within-A-Shop Dedicated to Stationary

Extra Pulp has taken over the back room

Photographs by Kait Kucy


If seeking out gold staplers and covetable letterpress cards and metallic notebooks is your idea of a perfect afternoon, go to The Uncommons in Inglewood immediately. The design-forward store now has a shop-within-a-shop called Extra Pulp which is essentially where very good design and paper goods can all be found in one neatly packaged place. 

Co-owner Ian Davies says that the idea and inspiration for the Extra Pulp store “was spawned from all the amazing products and stationery lines that we've already been carrying and following over the years. We kept gravitating towards so many beautifully designed and produced stationery products like Poketo and Playtype and thought it made sense to dedicate a section to all of these amazing brands.”

Davies and his sister and co-owner Lisa Davies, plan to bring in many more of the brands that they’ve found throughout their travels.  “Now that we have Extra Pulp, we have a way to showcase all of these incredible designers and artists in a new way,” says Davies.

The brother-sister team are both designers by trade so their love for stationary was natural. “We love so many aspects of stationary. The design and art form of it, as well as the feel and smell of paper goods,” says Davies. “We're all so dependent on computers but we still find ourselves still so attached to using paper goods and the form and function of it all.” 

Extra Pulp carries a variety of items including pens, pencils, paper clips, staplers, tape dispensers, notebooks, posters, type inspired objects and desk wares. 

Davies notes that Poketo and Playtype lines are both a big draw to the shop, and their selection of Field Notes and greeting cards are some of their top selling items over the years. 

Extra Pulp at The Uncommons, 1325 9 Ave SE, 587-353-9337,








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