The Advent Calendar That Brings You a Short Piece of Fiction Every Day

When chocolate or tinker toy advent calendars just won’t quell your longing for deep intellectual stimulation, only the Hingston & Olsen Short Story Advent Calendar will do.


Launched in 2015, the Hingston & Olsen Short Story Advent Calendar is a collaborative effort between Edmonton-based author and editor Michael Hingston and designer Natalie Olsen. After finding success through publishing 24 authors in a genius format of a boxed set of small books containing one short story, the creative duo went on to create two more volumes of the calendar as well as special edition Halloween (that featured a story from Patton Oswalt!).

The 2017 Edition ($55) is no different. It features 24 incredible authors from around the world including Kelly Link, Jim Gavin, Ken Liu, Maggie Shipstead and 19 other surprise authors. You’ll find stories that will make you laugh and cry, make you think or make you cringe — either way you’ll be exposed to 24 new authors in less than a month. If you’ve been trying to figure out a great way to fit in some reading into your busy life, this is the perfect way to inject 24 “books” onto your reading inventory pronto. It's also a great early-Christmas gift, the fiction lover in your life.

Just as we all do with chocolate advent calendars, you’ll be tempted to open the next day’s gift just as soon as you’ve finished indulging in the first one. 

The advent calendar is available in Calgary at Shelf Life Books, Owl's Nest Books and Pages On Kensington. For more information, visit


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