4 Ways to Experience the South at Big Starr

This new barbecue smokehouse in Mount Royal Village is inspired by the best flavours of the American South.

A newcomer to energetic 17 Ave. SW, Big Starr is a barbecue smokehouse with a simple vision: serve incredible, authentic barbecue and cheap beer in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


A restaurant that harnesses all the best the American South has to offer, Big Starr offers everything from fall-off-the-bone smoked turkey to corn dogs and pecan pie. The menu is inspired by the flavours, culture and recipes of southern states known for their barbecue, like Alabama, Texas and Tennessee. Here are four ways the South has influenced Big Starr’s mouth-watering menu.


Barbecue Meats

In the southern states, barbecue is more than a way of cooking meat — it’s an entire culture. Each region uses different techniques, meats and sauces, and competition can be fierce. Big Starr’s barbecue menu is inspired by the states that are universally recognized for their meat, like Alabama, Texas and Tennessee. Meats are smoked low and slow for ultimate flavour and texture. Chickens and wings are brined for 24 hours, brisket is smoked with pecan and persimmon wood, and hickory and cherry wood perfectly flavours chicken and pork.


Barbecue Sauce

While some barbecue purists swear by the taste of smoked meat alone, most of us love the sauce. The right sauce can enhance the deep, smoky flavours of barbecue meat and elevate an entire meal. At Big Starr, you’ll choose from several unique varieties of house-made barbecue sauce. There’s Georgia Peach, which is soft, sweet, and delightfully tangy, Texas Pepper for those who like it hot, mustard and more.


Deep Fry

The South is the origin place of popular treats like deep-fried chocolate bars and butter. At Big Starr, favourite deep-fried dishes like crispy jalapeños and corn dogs are lightly battered in a cornmeal base. You don’t have to wait for Stampede to feed your midway cravings.



Often described as warm, welcoming and sweet, our southern neighbours are known for their sunny dispositions. Big Starr has taken the hint and employs only the best.


This winter, there’s no need to leave the city — stop by Big Starr and savour the flavour of the South!

Big Starr Smokehouse 
818 16 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0S9

bigstarr.ca  |  403-452-5925