Raise the Bar at Calgary’s Destination Restaurant

Experience Craft Cocktails at Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar.

Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar is a destination for globally inspired, yet decidedly local, contemporary dishes and cocktails. Its menu features top-quality Canadian produce, from game meats and berries to Alberta-harvested grain, showcased through a unique blend of Asian, Indigenous and North American influences.

The restaurant, minutes away from your departure gate at the Calgary International Airport, is also a top destination for a crafty cocktail. Not only will it look mysterious and classy in your hand, this cocktail will take you through an abundance of striking flavors. Inspired by the farm-to-table food movement, Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar aims to use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible — whether on a plate or in a cocktail glass. Featured mixologists Jake Walliser and Michael Stalianofare re-creating classics by infusing farm-fresh, local ingredients to create aesthetically pleasing concoctions.

“Mixed drinks are not a new concept, but mixology puts a new spin on the classics,” Jake says. He’s currently devising a new spin on the classic Old Fashioned, a process he and Michael began three days ago by using a cold-drip coffee laboratory to infuse local bourbon with pecans. Once the bourbon is ready, they’ll add simple syrup and chocolate bitters to bring this classic new life.

Just as sommelier specializes in the flavour elements of wine, mixologists create craft cocktails to follow a specific progression. Jake seeks to answer two questions: what does the beverage want and what does it need? To integrate these questions, he must create a balance of aromas, flavors and textures that complement each other and make the cocktail taste great.

For Michael, creating craft cocktails is about bringing what people see and experience in their environment into their cocktail glass. Mixology is a craft popularized recently; it’s a drink phenomenon that calls for craftsmanship and the ability to blend interesting tastes. Rising standards for ingredient quality have changed the mixology game.

At Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar, the end of the workday is signaled by the beating of a ceremonial drum. This is the moment when Michael and Jake present a new original craft cocktail. Patrons can enjoy samples at 5 p.m. to celebrate the day and welcome the evening. Evening concoctions feature local St. George Gin or Park Distillery Vodka.

Patrons receive 4 hours complimentary parking.

Monday to Sunday: 6 a.m. – midnight
2008 Airport Road NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 3B9 Canada