Gerard Yunker's Photographs at the Paul Kuhn Gallery Will Have You Admiring Iceland

Photographs Yunker took in Iceland for his "réttsælisare" show are on display at the Paul Kuhn Gallery this month as part of the Exposure Photography Festival.

all photographs by Gerard Yunker


After more than 30 years working in commercial advertising, Calgary photographer Gerard Yunker decided he needed a change of pace, so he booked a plane to Iceland to undertake a purely creative project based around images of the island’s terrain.

“I’ve been doing commercial advertising for a long time … and I don’t think there’s a legacy for that work,” says Yunker. “I wanted to take a few risks and step out of my comfort zone.” 

The result of his trip is a series of 60-inch by 20-inch landscape shots, a selection of which are on display this month at the Paul Kuhn Gallery in a show titled réttsælis (Icelandic for “clockwise,” the direction Yunker travelled around the country). Some are black and white, some are in colour, but all capture the beautiful aesthetics of natural Nordic landscapes. “They’re fundamentally visual landscapes, but they are also physical, in terms of sensing rather than just seeing” says Yunker. “In this unknown environment, these frigid, metallic skies, that piercing light, the radically changing conditions and temperatures, I just surrendered to it; becoming part of it, standing inside of it, seeing it change.” 

In order to capture the various terrains, Yunker drove a camper out to remote locations to shoot from incremental degrees, capturing a breadth of view single photos couldn’t. He then processed the multiple exposures per image on location in the camper.

For Yunker, the reason for creating massive prints is simple. “There’s something about large scale that interests me. It has a lot of impact,” he says “Just immerse yourself in the image and you can see stuff you never even saw when it was shot.”

réttsælis is on display this month at the Paul Kuhn Gallery as part of the Exposure Photography Festival. For information visit and



This article appears in the February 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here.


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