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Long Reads

Why You Should Consider Joining a Non-Profit Board

For young professionals, joining a non-profit board isn’t just a good career move, it’s a way to explore their passions and engage with the city.

The State of Student Mental Health

Calgary institutions are working hard to implement successful programs and encourage conversations that aid and improve student mental health.

The State of Transportation in Calgary

What's being done to keep the city moving safely and efficiently, on multiple modes of transport, now and for the future.

Bret Hart on the Fight of His Life

He trained in the Hart Dungeon and competed as a professional wrestler for more than 20 years. Now retired, Hart is battling injuries and illness. And it's an entirely different kind of fight.

Making a Summer Festival in YYC

Throwing a successful summer festival isn't easy. The people behind Calgary’s summer festivals do it every year and it involves a lot more work than you might think.

How to Talk About Death and Dying

We're uncomfortable talking about it, but death is part of life. Our end-of-life wishes are something we should be discussing with our loved ones.

Designing Sustainable, Flexible and Accessible Calgary Homes

Calgary’s rapidly changing population is fuelling innovations in home design.

Dealing With Drugs at Calgary's Summer Festivals

After an increase in drug-related hospitalizations during a local music festival last summer, the City has stepped in to address the issue. But what many would argue is the most effective solution to the problem is also the most controversial.

Calgary and the Changing Workplace

Social, demographic and technological changes have all come together to affect the way we work now.

Making Multi-Generational Living Work in Calgary

A growing number of Calgarians are living in multi-generational households, with grandparents, parents and kids and other extended family configurations. 
And developers, real-estate agents and architects are helping them find or 
create homes that balance the need for togetherness with the need for privacy.

Can Calgary Restaurants Ever Do Away With Tipping?

Intended to both reward and motivate good service at restaurants, tipping may not be doing what it’s supposed to, which calls into question whether we should keep doing it.

Calgary's Shift Program Works With Men To Stop Domestic Violence Before it Starts

Calgary’s innovative Shift program aims to stop violence against women before it even starts. Now all it needs is more time, more partners and more men to take part.
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