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Long Reads

A Look At the History of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

75 years of caring for Calgary’s kids

The Rise of Sustainable and Connected Eating in Calgary

Over the past decade, the idea of sustainable eating — broadly speaking, food that has a lower environmental impact — has moved from being an activist ideal to a mainstream undertaking

Are Gluten, Dairy and Red Meat Really That Bad For Us?

Dubious health claims are put in the hot seat for a trial that examines our eating habits

A Brief Recent History of Calgary's Big Farmers' Markets

Over the last decade, Calgary’s farmers’ markets have gained ground — 
figuratively and literally

How Calgary Universities Are Trying to Improve Students' Mental Health

Calgary’s universities stem the rising tide of mental health problems with new programs aimed at prevention

The State of the Visual Arts in Calgary

A bird’s-eye view of Calgary’s 
burgeoning visual arts scene

The Future of the Banff Centre

The Banff Centre has adopted a bold strategic plan with ambitious fundraising targets and expansions of programming and facilities. But can this best-laid plan survive a surprise leadership change?

What Does Being a Friendly Neighbour Really Mean?

Friendliness is one of the things that makes a neighbourhood great. But what is it and what difference does 
it really make?

The Problem With Calgary Schools

Improving Alberta’s high school dropout rate will take more than changing 
students — we need to change the 
machinery that aims to create factory 
workers instead of the creative thinkers 
our economy now needs

How to Make an Effective Running Program and Stick to It

Experts offer advice on the essential tools every new runner needs to avoid injury and enjoy their run in the sun.

Redesigning Calgary For Future Floods

As part of our Design and Architecture issue, we partnered with the University of Calgary’s faculty of environmental design to explore design ideas for homes and public spaces that anticipate and respond to the next major flood.

Artist Adrift: Dianne Bos' Lost Artistic Legacy

Since her home studio and darkroom were destroyed in last summer’s catastrophic flood, fine-art photographer Dianne Bos finds herself floundering in the wake of a lost legacy.
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