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The Story of Fort Calgary’s Glowing, Red Palisade Walls

This ethereal tribute to the history of Calgary’s foundation is filled with symbolism.

Calgary’s Getting a Local Music Library. It Launches This Weekend With a Big Music Party

Get better acquainted with the local music scene by visiting this new music library. It will live first at Central Memorial Library, and there’s a launch party to celebrate on Saturday, May 7.

Calgarians Are Embracing the Sport of Parkour

Patrick Schmeikal is a parkour participant and coach who has witnessed Calgary's parkour community grow and thrive.

The Collected Artifacts of the James Joyce Pub

Taking cues from the pubs its Irish founders loved, the James Joyce is filled with a lifetime's worth of stuff and stories.

Work of Art: of wicker by Marigold Santos

Calgary and its surrounding area is full of creative people and beautiful pieces of art. Here is just one piece you should know about.

Take a Tour of Calgary's Literary Landscape

Explore Calgary as seen through the eyes of its artists, authors and poets.

Handsome Alice Shines Light on Female Stories

New Artistic Producer Kate Newby breathes fresh life into Calgary’s female-focused theatre company.

6 Decades of Stories From the Blackfoot Truckstop Diner

In a few weeks, the Blackfoot Truckstop Diner will turn 60. That’s six decades of impeccable service and community involvement as well as hot turkey dinners and mile-high flapper pie. We spoke with the diner’s current manager and the founder’s daughter to learn more about this successful Calgary foodie venue.

The Last of the Houses in Downtown Calgary

In defiance of modernization and gentrification, a handful of homes still remain embedded in the heart of downtown.

Inside the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

A domesticated duck, tiny squirrel and one-winged owl — meet some of the wild animals being rehabilitated and released as well as some of the permanent residents of CWRS.

A Look Inside Calgary’s Lego Library

Famous authors, superheroes and even Simpsons characters all inhabit this 150-pound, brick-sized library model.

This Is My City and WP Puppet Theatre Society Are Unmasking Mental Wellness

View From the Inside is a series of workshops where participants create two-sided masks. It's encouraging the mask creators to open up about themselves and their mental wellness.
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