2017: Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary's Northeast

The top 10 overall neighbourhoods include Bridgeland/Riverside (7) as well as Huntington Hills (6) and Crescent Heights (10) which both straddle the northwest and northeast. Here are five next highest ranked neighbourhoods in the northeast.

18. Thorncliffe

This neighbourhood has addresses in both the northeast and the northwest, and it performs well across the board, scoring in the top 50 for parks and pathways, recreation facilities and community engagement, plus proximity to Deerfoot Trail means you can get to the airport with ease.





32. Renfrew

Residents of Renfrew have access to great eateries. The western edge of the neighbourhood is where you’ll find popular brunch joints Diner Deluxe and OEB Breakfast Co., casual hangouts such as Boogie’s Burgers and the well-loved restaurant duo of Big Fish and Open Range.





39. Winston Heights/Mountview

With one public and one semi-private golf course within the neighbourhood and the McCall Lake municipal golf course kitty-corner to the northeast across Deerfoot Trail, Winston Heights/Mountview is a local paradise for dedicated duffers.





49. Whitehorn

Longtime Calgarians may remember this neighbourhood as home to the final C-Train station along the original Northeast Line for more than two decades. In addition to its good transit score, Whitehorn offers great amenities for families in the northeast with a variety of schools and grocery stores within the community.





51. Marlborough Park

Big Marlborough Park, an 18-hectare green space with an outdoor skating rink, earns this northeast neighbourhood points for parks and pathways. It’s also close to Village Square Leisure Centre, which has indoor arenas, gym facilities, dance studios and a wave pool. 




Learn more about the 2017 Best Neighbourhoods methodology.


This article appears in the August 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here. 


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