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Work of Art: Outfit for the Afterlife by Pamela Norrish

Calgary and its surrounding area is full of creative people and beautiful pieces of art. Here is just one piece you should know about.

Adam Melnyk Has Been Archiving Calgary's Aerosol Artistry Since 1998

Melnyk founded the website VisualOrgasm.com 18 years ago and it now has more than 15,000 photos of graffiti art from across Canada.

How to Eat Prairie Oysters

If you've never tried this Stampede-season staple before, here's how to do it. (You'll probably need a lot of beer.)

TEDxYYC and TEDxCalgary: A Tale of Two TEDs

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between TEDxYYC and TEDxCalgary, we've got answers.

Sage Theatre Ignites Art Careers This Month

Sage Theatre's Ignite! festival helps get emerging performers' careers started. The festival runs June 21 to 26 this year.

Inside the Archives of the Calgary Stampede

The Stampede has created a lot of artifacts since the first event in 1912. A lot of it is stored in a publicly accessible archive.

This New Book Collects Five Decades of Calgary Art

Chronicling five decades worth of local visual arts, the Glenbow's new book is a record of Calgary's evolving art scene.

Art Meets Laundry In the Beltline's Lux Laundromat

Why shouldn't there be in an art gallery in a local laundromat?

The Story of the Giant Trout By the Stampede Grounds

The Calgary Stampede's newest public art piece, designed by Jeff de Boer, explodes from two to three dimensions depending on your viewpoint.

Work of Art: River Signs

Calgary and its surrounding area is full of creative people and beautiful pieces of art. Here is just one piece you should know about.

The Story of the Church on the Stampede Grounds

This small, gothic-style church is empty today, but was once host to two provincial premiers.

Here’s the Deal With Those Riverside Rock Castles

Luke Materi is creating art installations along the Bow River and in Bragg Creek using only natural materials and a lot of patience.

10 Pieces of Public Art in the City To Know About

We let you know where to find them, who created them and a few facts about each of them.

Learn About the Man who First Crossed the Rockies

David Thompson, the Canadian Lewis and Clark, established the first path through the Rockies, and is considered to be one of the greatest pioneers, surveyors and map makers in history.

Canada’s Only Mobile Glassblowing Studio Is In Calgary

This mobile art studio is quite possibly the hottest truck in the country.

How Calgary Became a City of Trees

Despite its arid climate, Calgary is home to more than 70 designated heritage trees, which get that designation because of their size, age or historical significance.

Stories From Calgary's Seniors-Only Musical Theatre Society

Members of the Silver Stars Musical Revue Society have decades of experience. One was in a girl band in the 1940s, another opened for Bob Hope and one can still do the splits. (Disclaimer: This story might just make your day.)

The Story of Fort Calgary’s Glowing, Red Palisade Walls

This ethereal tribute to the history of Calgary’s foundation is filled with symbolism.