Get a Temporary Tattoo That Is A Work of Art

Ink can be so permanent. Tattoo You will get you the look without the lifetime commitment

Shark by Dean Sacred. $6.

Image courtesy of Tattoo You

The story of Tattoo You begins, as so many tattoo stories do, in a bar. 

Alan MacIntyre and Craig Bedard were two friends in design and communications who wanted to help artists find unconventional places to sell their unconventional designs. Temporary tattoos, they thought, were a great way to expose the art while keeping it accessible. 

They soon brought friend and web designer Carl Lukasewich on board, and the company launched in February of this year.

Temporary tattoos tend to evoke the idea of $2 decals from bubblegum wrappers, but make no mistake — these are works of art. 

The variety of designs and artists assure that there will be something for everyone. “The majority of temporary tattoos suffer from bad design and don’t look authentic,” says MacIntyre. “Our tattoos reflect the best of contemporary and traditional forms of the art. The realism of the tattoos allows those consumers to try out a tattoo before making the decision to get a permanent one, or gives them the chance to have some fun with different body art designs.” 

“We choose artists based on the quality of their designs,” says Lukasewich. “We choose designs based on if they’ll look like awesome, authentic tattoos when applied on the skin.” 

Tattoo prices range from two for $5 for small designs, to $14 for larger eight-by-11-inch creations, and last one to two weeks. 

Order the tattoos online at

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