As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation, we wanted to know what Calgarians think of Canada and being Canadian. So we asked. Over three days in April, on location at Repsol Sport Centre, Bankers Hall and Sunridge Mall, we interviewed and photographed more than 150 people about what Canada means to them. We heard over and over that Canadians are welcoming, diverse, friendly and polite. We also heard the value people place on living in a country that is safe, open and that provides opportunity. Many people spoke about their travels — how good it felt to have others welcome Canadians and how easy it is to travel on a Canadian passport, as well as travel makes people appreciate home that much more. We heard criticism as well — several people noted that it’s easy to become complacent and that Canadians don’t examine their own racism, especially when it comes to indigenous Canadians. 

Interviews by Jennifer Dorozio, Andrew Jeffrey and Käthe Lemon | Photography by Jared Sych



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