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Real Estate

Vacation Real Estate: Vail, Colorado

Live in America's largest ski resort

Attainable Homes Breaks Ground in Calgary’s West Springs

Home ownership in the desirable West Springs area is now an attainable dream for many middle-income Calgarian families

10 Best Features of Calgary's Newest Communities

If you were building a neighbourhood from scratch, how would you make it the best? New neighbourhoods have the benefit of starting with that question. The result is suburbs with amenities that make the appeal of new communities hard to resist

Jarome Iginla’s House Up for Sale

Live like your favourite ex-Calgary Flame for just under $4 million

Income Property Host Scott McGillivray Talks Secondary Suites

The Canadian television host shares his secrets to success, including how to find a contractor and what you need to know before you renovate

The Challenges of Buying Your First Place

The dream of home-ownership is not without its pitfalls for new buyers

How to Stage a Home to Sell

Setting that stage properly can mean more money in the bank and a quicker closing date so you can move out and move on.

Building the Perfect Suburb in Calgary

Although often criticized as cookie-cutter, Calgary’s suburbs are not all the same, and they are changing.

Alberta's First Net Zero Housing Community

Landmark Homes is building a community of "Net Zero" energy efficient homes in Cranston, Calgary, each built with over 50 solar panels.

Tales of Real Estate: Smoked Out

The homes’ ashtray-like smell may have kept other buyers at bay. But all we saw was a good deal.  

Tales of Real Estate: The Guy Next Door

Leaps in logic abound — but a rust bucket of a car on your neighbour’s lawn doesn’t make him a  drug dealer.

Tales of Real Estate: Enjoying an Empty Nest

Leaving a home you’ve spent years making just right is never easy.

Fleeing the Nest

Sure, living at home can be sweet — there’s free food and rent. But there’s also a time to flee the parental pampering.

Tales of Real Estate: Moving with Children

Moving is stressful, especially with children, so here are a few tips to help ease the process.

Calgary Neighbourhoods you should’ve bought in 10 years ago

Some 20/20 hindsight on the Calgary real estate scene.

Tales of Real Estate: The For Sale Sign Floozy

Kelly Doody outlines her house hunting addiction.

A Love Letter from a Pissed-off Neighbour

If you could talk to your neighbours from hell, what would you say?

Tales of Real Estate: The Realtors From Hell

There’s a world of realtors to choose from. Pick carefully. And not from among your family members.