A Guide to 5 of Calgary's Most Iconic Housing Styles

Our architectural style primer covers the history and key features of five common residential home styles in the city.

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If you’ve ever wandered down a pretty tree-lined street and stopped to admire a two-storey home’s pointed roofline and decorative wood siding, but were stumped as to whether it’s a Tudor or a craftsman, Avenue’s got you covered. 

We provide tips on neighbourhoods where you can view each style. So, whether you’re on the house hunt, building your own or are simply curious about architecture, our guide will help you know your homes — well, five types, at least — with confidence.


Illustration by Darcy Lundgren.

After the Second World War, modern-style architecture emerged as a simplified form of existing popular home styles. Borrowing elements from prairie, craftsman and international styles, these homes evolved into several different versions, including split-level, ranch, contemporary and shed style (pictured here). Examples of modern homes are cropping up all over Calgary, both as infills in older neighbourhoods and in new communities. Often featuring high ceilings and flat roofs, this style of house tends to feature industrial building materials such as concrete and steel for a minimal, striking appearance. 

Where to Find It

Modern-style homes are sprinkled amidst the bungalows in the southwest communities of Marda Loop and Altadore. 

Common Materials

  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Steel


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