9 Food Trucks to Try

Spring is upon us, which means food trucks are beginning to hit the streets.

Mexi perogies from the Perogy Boyz.

Bears are out of hibernation and so are the city's mobile eateries. Here are some food trucks (both new and old) to keep your eye out for either on the street during the week or parked at festivals throughout the summer.

(note: the best way to locate these trucks is usually by their Twitter handles or the Street Food App, which you can download on your phone or view the Calgary section here.)

Bandit Burger

A new one on the city streets this season, this truck serves up house-ground burgers using beef, pork and even chorizo. The Mexican burger with marinated tomatoes, Bandit sauce and sriracha slaw is especially good. Of the few new trucks this year, this one sounds especially promising.

facebook.com/banditburger, @banditburger

Bun Boys

Also a new one rolling around the block, the Bun Boys specialize in fresh Vietnamese cuisine like lemongrass chicken banh mi (Vietnamese sub sandwiches), noodles, salad rolls and more. 

bunboys.ca, @bunboysyyc


Cheezy Bizness has some new creations as well as its classic grilled cheese sandwiches.


Cheezy Bizness

​The addition of some new sandwich creations like a spin on Musubi (a famous Hawaiian dish that is essentially Spam sushi) made with teriyaki-glazed Spam, homemade kimchi, cheddar, gruyere and sriracha mayo, as well as bottles of its signature hot sauce now for sale, this popular truck has a lot to offer again this summer.

cheezybizness.com, @cheezybiz

​Jane Bond

Jane has significantly changed its menu since it originally started up as a stir-fry truck more than two years ago, it now offers a mixture of smaller dishes like a Thai-inspired mango bruschetta on crostini, grilled calamari and chorizo or jerk chicken with coconut corn bread.

janebondgrill.com, @janebondgrill

Mediterranean Diet

Look to this new truck to have kabobs, donair sandwiches and something a bit more unique called Lahmacun, a thin dough topped with different kinds of spiced meat, vegetables and herbs.

mdfoodtruck.ca, @mdfoodtr

Mighty Skillet

Much like Jane, Skillet has had noticeable updates this year, including new branding on the truck, and a focus on the lunch crowd (instead of breakfast), offering burgers and smoked beef poutine.

mightyskillet.ca, @mightyskillet

Perogy Boyz

One of the only original Calgary food trucks still active and also the most consistently open truck throughout the year, this mobile eatery will cook you up anything from breakfast perogies (with eggs and bacon) to apple-filled perogies topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and crispy bacon bits.

perogyboyz.com, @perogyboyz

Red Wagon Diner

Keeping things classic, Red Wagon is back again with its signature smoked meat breakfast hash and big, piled-high Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Always a great truck for bigger appetites.

redwagondiner.com, @redwagondiner

Taiko Taco

Everybody loves a little fusion, so head to Taiko for big Asian flavours in its steamed bun "tacos," including braised eggplant with cucumbers, green onion and Sichaun peppercorn sauce or some Korean-spiced French fries.

taikotaco.com, @taikotaco

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