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Eating In

Inglewood Night Market Pops Up this Summer

Apply to be a vendor or performer, or just swing on by the night markets in Inglewood this summer

5 Perfect Pastries for Coffee

Sweet treats to accompany your first cup of the day

All About Chicken

Show some love for these plucky birds, and eat the ones who run free

31 New Midway Treats for Stampede 2013

Even more ways to get our snack on — and possibly clog our arteries — this year

All About Fennel

Mastering the sexy anise flavour of this funny-looking veggie will leave you feeling god-like

How to Make a Mint Julep

The sweet mint julep provides solace in a silver cup throughout the summer

5 Boutique Food Markets

Sometimes we get so lost — occasionally literally — in the giant aisles of big box stores that we forget there are plenty of great little markets in our neighbourhoods

7 Must-Try Foods at Calgary's Farmers' Markets

Next time you visit one of Calgary's farmers' markets, check out one of these fantastic food stands

Calgary Farmers’ Market Launches Blog

Check out the market's new website featuring recipes, cooking tips, photos and tricks to help you prepare amazing meals

How to Make a Mojito

This tall minty sip casts a spell far beyond Cuba’s borders

Food Truck Dishes for the Lunch Hour

It's slowly but surely getting warmer out so why not grab a quick lunch — or dessert — from some of our favourite Calgary food trucks

How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Revitalize after your St. Patrick's Day hangover with this energizing drink

Microgreens: Where to Buy Them and How to Prepare Them

Microgreens are little power plants that bring tons of flavour and healthy benefits to your meals

How to Make a Sidecar

Drinking too many of this classic cocktail will turn your night into a runaway

Get in the Mood: 8 Aphrodisiac Foods

Make dinner extra frisky on Valentine's Day, or any day, by using some of these ingredients you might not have known were aphrodisiacs

25 Best Things to Eat in Calgary 2013

The dishes, drinks and ingredients that must be tried this year.

How to Make a Cosmopolitan

The Cosmo can either ignite the flame of true love or douse it after a dump

5 Extremely Creative Flavoured-Vodka Cocktails for New Year's

Easy-to-make cocktails that are guaranteed to be entertaining additions to your New Year's bar

Cocktail Recipe: downtownfood Butter'd Beer

Warm up with a buttery beer inspired by the preferred drink of Harry Potter and his friends

6 Tasty Wine Cocktails

Make cocktail magic with the unsavoury sippers languishing in your wine rack
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