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Eating In

5 Local Ice Creams

Celebrate the sunshine with these lickable local treats.

5 Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day (Or Any Day)

These melt-in-your-mouth confections make life extra nice.

What's New at Farmers' Markets in Calgary

Natural soap, chocolate bonbons, fresh coffee — the latest market vendors sell it all.

10 Christmas Desserts to Buy This Holiday Season

From the classics (like gingerbread cookies and squares) to the less-than-ordinary (think peppermint cotton candy or ginger crème brûlée), these sweets should all be on your dessert trays this season.

10 European Christmas Treats to Try This Year

If you've been to Eastern Europe or Germany, you know they go big with Christmas. Here's how to get a taste of that spirit — complete with marzipan pigs and foil-covered Santas — right here in Calgary.

Get a Cheese Wheel for Your Holiday Party

Guests will remember you as the person who introduced them to ultra fresh parmigiano-reggiano.

All the Candy at IKEA's New Candy Bar

It’s a Scandinavian tradition called Lördagsgodis and there are more than 30 varieties of candy at the Calgary pick-and-mix.

What to Stock in Your Own Ultimate Italian Pantry

The 16 essentials and where to find them here in Calgary.

5 Baked Treats That Are Gluten-Free and Flavour-Full

Whether you eat gluten-free by choice or by necessity, here are some of Calgary’s tastiest baked treats to satisfy your cravings.

Calgary's Top Fish Stores

Know where to go and you’ll have fresh fish or shellfish whenever you wish.

Sausages of Calgary

Oktoberfest runs from September 19 to October 4. Here are a few locally sourced sausages that are worthy of celebrating.

John Gilchrist's 10 Calgary Dining Trends

Local is the new exotic, bacon gets even better, technology meets food and tiny restaurants are trendy — this is what’s new and there’s a 
whole lot more, too.

Rundle Lounge's Wild Rose Lemonade

How it came to be and what you need to make your own.

5 Great Local Cheeses

Sink your locavore teeth into these superstar cheeses, all produced close to Calgary.

True Büch Kombucha: Brewing Kombucha Locally

Find the fizzy drink by Conrad and Louisa Ferrel at various locations throughout Calgary.

New Market: Italian Centre Shop

The huge market expands from Edmonton into Calgary and it means finding Italian meats, cheeses, pasta, vinegar and more is that much easier.

5 Delicious Fresh-Pressed Juices in Calgary

Whether you’re looking to cleanse, detox or just quench your thirst in a meaningful way, we found the best of the pressed for you to get juiced about.

6 Interesting Food Gifts for Mother's Day

Treat your mom to something tasty and tasteful, because she's a classy lady and deserves it.

5 Products for a Gourmet Make-At-Home Breakfast

If you’re not up for waiting in line for brunch, put the coffee on and invite your favourite people over to break your fast while staying in your pyjamas.

6 Calgary Food Trends We Love

We hope these food trends don't go out of style any time soon.
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