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Eating In

A Brief Recent History of Calgary's Big Farmers' Markets

Over the last decade, Calgary’s farmers’ markets have gained ground — 
figuratively and literally

How to Make a Sapporo Margarita

Mexico’s tequila cocktail gets a Ki Modern Japanese makeover

All There is to Know About Ketchup

Catch up with a ripe tomato, nature’s most balanced food

How to Make Hard Lemonade

It’s one of our favourite patio drinks 
— just don’t call it vodka lemonade

6 Farmers' Market Items to Try

Calgary's markets have plenty of prepared foods and sit-down dishes to satisfy your appetite

3 Refreshing Local Sodas

Enjoy the summer sun with one of these refreshing sodas in hand

Everything You Need To Know About Peaches

Sometimes it’s sweet and ripe for the picking, but sometimes it’s the pits

How to Make a Tom Collins

How a lame practical joke created a tasty 
cocktail with a bad name

Field Stone Fruit Wine 4 Ways

These bottles of booze are so much more than sipping wine. They are also ingredients for cocktails, pitcher drinks and ice cream delights

How to Make Sangria

Spain’s wine punch is perfect to get you warmed up for Calgary’s 
“watching of the bulls” at Stampede

Alberta Farm Tour: The Tastiest Stops in the Province

Hit the road and taste the best that small-town Alberta has to offer

The Best Grocery Stores For Food to Go

Expanding selections of quality prepared meals mean grocery stores are not just for groceries anymore

The Ultimate Cocktail for the Calgary Stampede

In this town, cowboys drink cocktails

How to Make a Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule will spice up your palate with vodka, ginger beer and a cool mug to contain it.

6 Fresh Salads for Summer

For the days when you’re hungry for a salad with real substance.

Everything You Need To Know About Onions

United we stand, divided we cry.

Everything You Should Know About Coffee

Do you have the beans to do the job? 

Pierre Lamielle's Coffee and Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

Coffee and dessert always go hand in hand. Especially when that dessert is coffee and cherry cheesecake.

6 Perfect Pastas in Calgary

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food and authentic varieties can be found right here in Calgary

Janice Beaton on How to Make a Cheese Board

A guide to making the perfect cheese board according to Janice Beaton, owner and founder of Janice Beaton Fine Cheese and Farm Restaurant
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