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Eating In

6 Cinnamon Buns to Warm Your Soul

This sticky treats that sometimes pass as breakfast are like a warm, food hug

How to Make a Pan-American Clipper

Calvados and absinthe combine to make a cocktail best imbibed when grounded

5 Places for Preserves

Curing, pickling, preserving and canning are growing in popularity in Calgary  restaurants 

5 New Food Trucks Rolling Around Calgary

Calgary's food truck fleet continues to grow with these new additions

Everything You Need To Know About Apples

A is for apple, but that's just the beginning of the story

Recipe: Apple Fritter Sandwich With Prosciutto

Fancy sandwiches don't only come from restaurants

In Season at Calgary’s Farmers’ Markets

Seasonal fruit and vegetables to buy this August

How to Make a Dawa

You don't need to be watching a sunset on the Serengeti to enjoy Kenya's national cocktail 

8 Best Sausages From Local Butchers

These great butchers around town will surely "meat" your barbecue needs

Recipe: Green Tea and Ginger Shortbread

If you are going to have a cup of tea, even green tea, you must have it with a biscuit. Anything less would be uncivilized.

How to Cook With and Brew Green Tea

Steep your way to a great cup of green tea with these few tricks about tea leaves

Recipe: Cultured Butter

A step-by-step guide to making this golden spread

How to Make a Pimm's Cup

The best time to toss back a No. 1 Cup is right now

Try Something New in Calgary: Juice Cleansing

Avenue's editorial intern gave up solid foods and ventured (skeptically) into the world of juice cleansing just in time for summer

Top 4 Places to Shop for a Picnic

Planning a picnic? Here are some of our favourite places to shop before you enjoy eating in the great outdoors

7 Red and White Desserts for Canada Day

Eat your patriotism this long weekend!

5 Ways to Use Rhubarb

It’s vibrant, abundant and incredibly hardy, and chances are it grows in your backyard

Nothing Beats Butter

This golden treasure makes the whole world better

Best Foods of Stampede 2013

Calgary's sharpest palates on midway must-tries

5 Adult Slurpee Recipes

Cocktails that liven up the 7-Eleven standard and pay homage to our city
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