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Calgary's Best Dressed 2018

Nam Dang-Mitchell

Whether it's pairing skinny jeans with a silk pyjama shirt or an antique marble mantelpiece with modern abstract art, Nam Dang-Mitchell creates looks with both gravity and fun

Greg Fraser

With a living space that doubles as Dade Loft’s showroom, there is no separation between style and lifestyle for this design aficionado.

Todd Hirsch

ATB’s chief economist forecasts brighter colours along with a brighter financial outlook

Whitey Kirst

This musician, who was the guitarist for Iggy Pop for more than a decade, rocks L.A. style in the clubs of Calgary.

Dr. Diana Monea

Theatrical hats, coloured glasses and dramatic clothing all exemplify this optometrist’s view that fashion should be fun.

Reese Nguyen

She is known to mash up masculine and feminine styles to create a look all her own.

Katrina Olson-Mottahed

As the director of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival, Katrina Olson-Mottahed puts her passion on display and turns the spotlight on local design.

Ada Peddlesden

With influences ranging from the glamour of Old Hollywood to the bohemian cool of French New Wave cinema, her look is all about style beyond time.

Tonii Roulston

The high-profile criminal defense lawyer uses fashion to connect and build confidence.

Helen and Tamar Zenith

Using black clothing as their canvas, the co-directors of Newzones Gallery each craft their own style statements with eye-catching accessories.
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Calgary's Best Dressed 2017

Adora Nwofor

“I want people to know that I’m normal, and that women come in my size."

Andrea Dorrans

“I obsess about fashion. I think about it more than any other thing and have for as long as I can remember."

Chirag Shah

“Fashion is something I do for fun, for myself."

Garry Mushens

“I don’t dress to be seen, I dress for life.”

Jade Davis

"Whether it’s a big fundraiser or the grocery aisles, you should put in the effort every day to dress like you.”

Jeannie McKinley

“True personal style is about not trying too hard."

Kerry Brennan

“If you have a hat, red lips and sunglasses, you can go anywhere.”

Kofi Oteng and Dorian Kitsch

“Sometimes we unknowingly end up dressing the same, like we’ll match." — Dorian Kitsch

Paul Conrad Schneider

“I don’t like having to hide who I am to make other people comfortable."

Sydney Wuttunee

“Because I spend so much time thinking about what I buy and how it fits in with what I have, it makes getting dressed effortless."
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Calgary's Best Dressed 2016

Carol Ryder

“You want them to remember you look good, but you don’t want them to remember what it is you’re wearing.”

Chelsea Kindrachuk and Ryan Green

“Style is an expression and enhancement of who that person is.” – Ryan Green

Sharie Hunter

“Confidence is a big part of personal style. When I see a confident person, style oozes out of them.”

Liam LaFrance

“True personal style is the way you pull from different influences, muses and trends and take your favourite parts of each and create your own personal trend or style.”

Chenlu Qiao

“A stylish person doesn’t spend a lot of time fussing on their outfits. They dress for themselves, not for other people.”

Paul Lavoie

"Someone stylish is someone who makes an effort, and they do it instinctively.”

Jenny Steele

“True personal style is all about confidence. When you exude confidence, you’ll look more put together, no matter what you’re wearing.”

Wilson Wong

“Style to me is when a person is comfortable in their skin and their clothing is just a reflection of that.”

Alexandra Gibson and Jennifer Gibson

“Alberta Ballet influenced my style at lot. My fellow dancers hold me to a higher standard.” – Alexandra

Elliott Thorpe

“One style icon who isn’t famous was a guy my sister was friends with. He didn’t have the same style as me, but, to me, he had style. He lived it.”
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Calgary's Best Dressed 2015

Hazel Anderson

"Everything I put on has to make me feel good."

Chloe Cappelletto

"I feel like I'm just so deep into the whole fashion thing and I love it."

Kara Chomistek

"I take a lot of inspiration from what my peers are doing and what's happening internationally."

Andrew Clelland

"I have several tuxedo jackets...I'm wearing them for me and I'm having fun doing it."

Asim Haque and Savannah Qiu

"We love shoes — lots of heels and sneakers."

Ann McCaig

"Your clothes help give you that confidence you need."

Chima Nkemdirim

"I don't want to look like a suit; I want to look like a person."

Kasra Payandehjoo

"You become eclectic because you're no longer a follower of a certain trend."

Lana and Sheenah Rogers

"We can colour outside the lines."

Yves Trépanier

"I'm a huge fan of suits because they're easy."