Where to Go Back-to-School Shopping in Calgary

The local shops where you can find what you need (or just want).

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Whether you’re just returning to your school routine or going back after taking a few years off, back-to-school shopping is a highlight of most students’ summers. Not going back to school? Fall shopping is still fun and a great way to organize your life for a fresh start. Here are some of the best places to go around Calgary if you’re looking to shop local this back-to-school season. 


The essentials 


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There are certain things you can’t skip when back-to-school shopping. A sturdy backpack can prevent back pain and making a good coffee at home can save you money and time skipping. And, of course, everyone’s favourite part of back-to-school shopping is buying stationary that makes us feel more productive. 

The Livery Shop sells Kanken backpacks, which are specifically designed to hold all your school day essentials while lessening the burden on your spine. It also sells Matt + Nat backpacks if you’re looking for something smaller or for a mix between professional and functional. 

Buy bags of coffee from Monogram, Phil & Sebastian or DeVille and make an artisan cup made at home. You’ll also be helping the environment by using your own tumbler mug. Rosso Coffee Roasters offers a home subscription program where they deliver a new batch of seasonal coffees to your door every Monday.    

For a stationary heaven-on-earth, visit the Recess Shop in Inglewood. The store carries stationary from North America, Japan, and Europe so you can find all the trendiest learning supplies you need or just want. Family-owned Reid’s Stationary on 17 Avenue S.W. is another spot for unique writing instruments. 




Calgary is home to a hub of consignment stores that are filled with incredible finds. And buying from consignment stores is a great way to reduce your environmental impact while also saving money on name-brand clothing. The Clothing Bar in Marda Loop carries large selections of seasonal clothing from brands like Aritzia but make sure to check in regularly if you’re looking for something specific. Danielle’s Consignment on 17 Avenue S.W. is another spot to find accessories and clothing in near-new conditions. 

Another consignment store, Peacock Boutique, has two easily-accessible locations and often posts their newest finds on their Instagram and you can ask them over the phone to save a particular item catching your eye. 


Something a little extra 


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There is no rule that you need these things for back-to-school but indulging yourself, every once in a while, can boost your mood and productivity so it’s justified. Stash Needle Art Lounge in Inglewood has everything you need to pick up a new crafty hobby and they offer knitting and crochet classes if you think you might need some extra help. 

Not interested in knitting or crocheting? Taking care of a plant not only boosts your mood but can bring some extra love to your home decor. You can find, or build, terrariums at the Plant Shop. You can also find seasonal and unique plants to take home. While you’re there, make sure to ask about caring for your new plant friend so it lives its best life.  

And don’t forget candles. Whether you’re using them for a soothing bath or to decorate your study space, scented candles can be the newest addition to your self-care shopping list. Milk Jar candles are paraffin and dye free, with no lid to throw away and reusable jars. They also have a wide range of smells from sweet to earthy and everything in between so you can tailor them for the vibes you’re going for. 

Happy back-to-school shopping! 

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