An app that runs around for you!

In a city that bears the brunt of winter, ParcelPal, an on-demand delivery app, will run around and shop for you.


Snoooooow, this is the first thought of Calgary in the Winter. It can either elicit amazing feelings of sipping hot cocoa with your current binge-worthy series on Netflix, or, it can turn you completely off, the simplest errand becoming a major chore. ParcelPal wants you to have the warm cozy feelings. Let us run around the city for you, you just relax.


According to ParcelPal’s co-founder and CEO, Kelly Abbott, there was a huge gap in the market for a delivery-based app that helps customers get anything delivered. “Everyone was doing the on-demand delivery thing but never doing it right. These other companies simply deliver food. We all eat, sure… but what about everything else? We got into the business because we wanted to do it better than everyone else.


The app that gets it done!


With ParcelPal’s newly launched ‘Get Anything’ feature, it’s like every on-demand delivery app combined into one. You can get anything delivered from anywhere. Forgot the dry cleaning? Need a new coat from your favourite store? Maybe some makeup from Sephora? Or you’re just too lazy to move today. Whatever your reasons, ParcelPal gives you the ability to get it all at the tap of a button.


You name it, they deliver it.

(except pets, people, and anything illegal, obviously).

Here's how it works.



Pick your store

ParcelPal, any store in your neighbourhood now delivers. You can either pick from a curated list of stores or customize exactly what you want with the ‘get anything’ feature. Simply search for the store, just like you would Google it.









Tell us what you want

After choosing the store you want, all you need to do is give them a few more details about the product you want, like the size and colour. You can create multiple orders like a boss and get them all delivered with ParcelPal, so you can keep doing what you WANT to not what you NEED to.





Sit back and relax

Once your order has been processed, a ParcelPal driver will deliver your order to you within an hour. With our in-app tracking technology you get to watch your driver bring your order in real-time!






The feature is anything but ordinary. It gives you the power to do more. Well, don't go by what we say, check it out for yourself. We promise it won't disappoint.                                 Download ParcelPal for free via iTunes or Google Play