New Home Types in and Around Calgary

From condo perks to big yards, find out what property types are available.

When you start looking to buy a home, the choices can seem overwhelming. Do you choose something low-maintenance, or do you get the home with a back yard? Do you choose something new or something that has been lived in before? Do you buy a home with a lot of space to grow into or just enough for you now?

There is no universal answer, but fortunately, there’s plenty of choice. In Calgary, you can pick from many different types of homes, including multi-family options like condos, townhomes and paired homes, or single-family homes like bungalows, cottages or two-storey homes.



Condos are in buildings that can have a handful of units in a low-rise or dozens of units in a high-rise building. Condos are located close to urban areas and in every suburb. These homes tend to have lower purchase prices than single family homes because the cost of building is spread across many units. They come with one, two or three bedrooms, and often feature an office. They can have concierges, shops, gyms and other amenities on site.

Condos operate under a community-based structure, which includes condo fees. These fees are based on your unit size and contribute to building operating costs including heat, electricity, repairs and maintenance. A percentage of these fees is placed in a contingency fund, which is saved for upkeep and major repairs. There are also special assessments, which are put towards a one-time cost for the building not covered by the contingency. When you add up mortgage, taxes and fees, condos can cost the same as a similarly sized house in the area.



Townhomes often have multiple levels and bigger floorplans than condos. The buildings are joined together as opposed to stacked. Townhomes feature two or three bedrooms, usually on a different level from the main living areas.

Townhomes have a maintenance fee structure that is similar to condos, but these homes are bigger and can have lower fees. Lower fees are usually due to the internal structure bring more like a house, and include furnace and gas meter — heating and cooling is the individual owner’s responsibility. Townhomes also don’t usually include common areas like condos do.

Some townhomes are “free hold,” which means that there are no condo fees. This is a monthly cost savings, but when repairs are needed, each individual owner has to pay.


Paired Homes

Paired Homes (sometimes called duplexes) are homes that are attached but have separate entrances. These are larger than condos and townhomes and include individual parking areas, garages and yard space for each homeowner. These homes are commonly two or three bedrooms, but four-bedroom models exist. Paired and single family homes must have basements in Alberta, which can be developed to create more living space.

It is each owner’s responsibility to maintain the home and exterior. With standalone furnaces and gas meter, all costs are paid by the homeowner. Lot sizes are smaller than those of single family homes, but that means less exterior maintenance.


Single Family Homes (Laned Homes, Bungalows, Cottages and Front-Garage Homes)

Most homes in Calgary are single family, which means they stand alone from other properties. There are different sizes, and homes feature a front drive or back laneway. Newer homes on laneways can be smaller, with a parking in the back. Homes with driveway feature a front garage. Plans have two, three or four bedrooms, although there can be more. With bigger living spaces indoors, and bigger back and front yards, single family homes are often located in the most desirable areas.

Initial costs for a single family home can higher because of the home size, home age and lot size. There can also be more maintenance costs and taxes. However, single family owners have complete financial and spatial independence from neighbours.

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