Reaching Your Goals Faster Begins With A Financial Plan

Making your savings work harder for you begins with assessing your financial wellness.


Similar to a fitness regime, financial wellness needs the same sort of care, attention, and externally provided advice. Like fitness, the best place to start is with your goals.
Values-based financial planning is an approach that aligns your personal values with your goals, and explores a range of options to help you achieve them. It looks at your entire financial picture before offering you a product.

“Everyone’s financial situation is different, and every Calgarian deserves a financial plan that they can trust. We’re advocating that sound financial advice and a comprehensive values-based financial plan need to be available to everyone, regardless of their net-worth”, says Hyder Hassan, Director of Investment Services and Head of Wealth, CFP PFP EPC, at First Calgary Financial.


So where should you start when considering about what to do with your savings?


Consider your goals

 Financial goals need to have two important aspects. They need to have a dollar value and be time-bound. Balancing between short and long term goals. For short term accessible savings needs, consider a high interest account, like First Calgary’s Elite Savings*.


Assess your financial wellness

Seek out a sound financial planning partner to help you. This will increase your financial wellness by holding you accountable on your action plan. Look for a partner that builds relationships and thinks about your full financial picture, without product dumping on you. At First Calgary Financial, with a full product suite at our finger tips we can provide the options you need and the diversification your personal investment strategy craves.


Think about how hands on you want to be with your portfolio

For access to your investments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you’ll want to look for a partner with expertise in this area. Our partners at Qtrade offer VirtualWealth – online, expert management advice with low-fees and individualized choice in both portfolios and risk levels.


Consider your options for investing responsibly 

Responsible investing (RI) looks at and assesses a companies’ environmental, social and governance practices, such as greenhouse gas emissions, supply-chain management and workplace diversity. In Canada, more than $1 trillion is managed using one or more RI strategies, according to the Responsible Investment Association.


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