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25 Things to Do

25 Things to Do In Calgary This July

This month, sign up for a yoga session at the Calgary Zoo, book yourself a nap on board a travelling “napmobile,” listen to music outside and really embrace the Calgary Stampede.

25 Things To Do In Calgary This June

This month, get outside for concerts, yoga sessions and night markets, join in a city-wide foodie race and find your new favourite brunch spot.

25 Things To Do In Calgary This May

This month, embrace spring by eating a lot of ice cream, test your Rubik’s Cube skills in a competition, race for kids, and kick off festival season with the Bridgeland Cultura Fest.

25 Things To Do In April

Attend a 40th anniversary yodeling concert (there will also be cake), run in the first ever half marathon in Jasper and try to be one of the lucky winners when the Price is Right Live comes to Calgary.

25 Things To Do In Calgary This March

This month, discover how well beer and yoga go together in a “brewga” event and see how long you’d really be able to last without your smartphone.

25 Things To Do In Calgary This February

Attend the city’s new winter folk music festival, try cricket pizza at a new pizza place and get really schmancy.

25 Things to Do This January

Visit Calgary's first board game cafe, attend a kind of elevator party, trust a child to give you a haircut and eat at a new all day breakfast restaurant.
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