What to Buy From the Arts and Crafts Venue in Indian Village

After enjoying some delicious bannock, stop by the Arts and Crafts Venue in Indian Village for authentic Native art and jewellery by Indigenous artists from in and around Calgary.

The Rider Native Art Gallery table at Indian Village displaying artworks by Keevin Rider.

Photo by Vanessa Nim


From handmade jewellery to clothing, paintings, prints and wood burnings, Indigenous artists in the Arts and Crafts Venue in Indian Village are showcasing a berth of authentic Native art. Don't miss these stand-out pieces by local artists from Calgary, Treaty 7 reserves and surrounding areas.

While some artist tables are only in Indian Village for a limited time, most have stores or online pages where their work is available year round.


Fringe Earrings and Beaded Belts from Moonstone Creation


Run by Cree First Nations mother-daughter duo, Yvonne Jobin and Amy Willier, Moonstone Creation is a Gallery and Gift Shop in Inglewood known internationally for its selection of authentic Native art. This year is Moonstone Creation's first year at the Stampede, and Jobin and Willier are selling a variety of pieces including jewellery, clothing, dream catchers and even dried meat. 


photo by vanessa nim

These fringe earrings are made using the same type of metal cones sewn on Jingle dance dresses and are $25. 


photo by vanessa nim

Beaded by hand by a friend of Jobin and Willier, these intricate, colourful belts are $150.


Visit Moonstone Creation at the first tent of the Arts and Crafts Venue in Indian Village, where Jobin and Wieller will be set up for the full 10 days of Stampede. You can also stop by their gallery year round at 1219 10 Ave S.E., or visit their website to learn more about their artwork 


Art Prints and Colouring Book from Kalum Teke Dan and Colouring it Forward


photo by vanessa nim

Art prints by Blackfoot artist, Kalum Teke Dan.


Originally from the Blood Tribe, Kalum Teke Dan is a Blackfoot artist self-taught in watercolour and oil painting. Now, Dan works mainly with acrylics, creating striking portraits and wildlife depictions. A number of different prints of Dan's work are available at his tent in Indian Village. 

Also available is the Colouring it Forward Blackfoot Nation colouring book. Colouring it Forward is a series of books on art, teachings and wisdom from different Nations featuring artwork by Indigenous artists. Spearheaded by Diana Frost, the Colouring Forward Project supports Indigenous artists and elders and also raises funds for Indigenous community projects. 


photo by vanessa nim

The Blackfoot Nation Colouring it Forward book is available for $25. 


Dan will be set up in Indian Village for the full 10 days of Stampede . You can also contact Dan at ktdan@hotmail.ca to purchase prints and can visit the Colouring it Forward website for the Blackfoot Nation colouring book.


Original Paintings, Woodburnings and Art Prints from Rider Native Art


Rider Native Art is a Tsuut'ina gallery featuring work by Keevin Rider. A renowned multi-media artist, Rider learned to draw under the late Bert Smith in Longview. Visit Rider in Indian Village where he is showcasing several original works as well as prints. 


photo by vanessa nim

 Most prints, like the Stoney Nakoda Warrior shown here, are $30. 


photo by vanessa nim

Wood burned pieces like this are full of intricate details and can take upwards of 12 hours to create. This wood-burned image of an eagle by Keevin Rider is available at Indian Village for $200. 


photo by vanessa nim

Details of Rider's wood burned eagle. 


You can visit Rider Native Art in Indian Village, where they will be set up for the full 10 days of Stampede. You can also visit the gallery by appointment at 180 3700 Anderson Rd. S.W. Head to the gallery's Facebook page or call 403-259-6432 for more information.


Dream Catcher Earrings from White Eagle Native Crafts


White Eagle Native Crafts is a Native Gift Shop located in Tsuut'ina, Alberta. Specializing in a wide range of Native art, White Eagle Native Crafts offers everything from jewellery to clothing and dream catchers. 



These dream catcher earring are available at White Eagle Native Crafts for $16.


White Eagle Native Crafts will be set up in Indian Village for the full 10 days of Stampede. You can also visit them at 9915 Chiila Blvd or on their Instagram page to view their work year round.


Handmade Earrings from Yethka Metal Works


Visit Yethka Metal Works in Indian Village for one of a kind wearable metal art by Stoney Nakoda artist Andrew Holloway. Holloway is currently a student at ACAD and has been growing in popularity for his metalwork art. The Yethka Metal Works tent at the Stampede features a number of works by Holloway, including his unique Porcupine Quill Earrings. 


photo by vanessa nim

The Procupine Quill Earrings are handmade from anodized aluminum and are $45.


Yethka Metal Works is also selling handmade, beaded earrings.


photo by vanessa nim

These beaded earrings take three hours to make each pair. You can get a pair from Yethka Metal Works for $25.


Yethka Metal Works is open in Indian Village for the final four days of the Stampede. You can also view Holloway's metalwork on Facebook and Instagram.


Art Prints by Keegan Starlight


No stranger to the Stampede, Keegan Starlight has been participating in Indian Village his entire life. A member of the Tsuu T'ina Nation, Starlight's family owns one of the 26 tipis that are raised each year. Now, Starlight occupies a tent int he Arts and Crafts Venue with his wife, where they sell art prints of his own paintings and jewelry created by his wife, Amanda Starlight. 


photo by vanessa nim

Postcard prints by Keegan Starlight are available for $10.


Photo by Vanessa Nim

One of Keegan Starlight's most popular pieces at Indian Village this year, this acrylic raven print is available for $30.



Stone Art from Blackfoot Rocks and Gems


photo by vanessa nim

Selection of pieces made by Troy Knowlton at Blackfoot Rocks and Gems. Prices varying depending on the size and type of stone art piece. 


Blackfoot Rocks and Gems offers a variety of pieces made from ammolite, known as Buffalo stone. The stones are all cut and polished by Troy Knowlton, a Blackfoot Confederation member, and made into jewelry and other decorative pieces or sold as loose stones. 

Blackfoot Rocks and Gems will be at the Stampede from Monday, July 9 to Friday, July 13. For more information on the shop and Knowlton's work, visit the Blackfoot Rocks and Gems Facebook page.


Beaded Arrow Necklaces from Native Diva Creations


Run by Melrene Saloy, Native Diva Creations specializes in contemporary native beaded jewelry. All piece at Native Diva Collections are handmade and designed by Saloy herself. Visit her in Indian Village until Wednesday, July 11. 


Photo by vanessa nim

Beaded arrow necklaces are made by Marlene Saloy, owner of Native Diva Creations.


Missed Native Diva Creations at the Stampede? Check out their Facebook or Instagram page to view and purchase more of Saloy's work.


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