How to Spend 20 Dollars at Taste Of Calgary

Our suggestions for how to use your sampling tickets if you like meats or sweets, if you are avoiding gluten or are just there to drink.

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It’s that time of year again, the city’s annual Taste Of Calgary takes place August 9 to 12 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Eau Claire’s Festival Plaza.

The sampling festival includes dishes and beverages from restaurants and food trucks around Calgary. The Cheers Garden is the adults-only space with its own booths dedicated to spirits and cocktails alongside beer. 

To make it a true festival, Taste of Calgary also has local musicians on stage and artisans in the market.

While admission to the festival is free, tickets to sample food and beverages are $1 each. Menu prices range from two to five tickets per item. With more than 60 booths to sample from, it can get hectic so it is best to go in with a game plan. Here are our suggestions for $20 worth of sampling.


All Vegetarian 

Vegetarian are marked with a v, so it is easy to navigate the meat-free options. There are more than five dozen vegetarian food items, plus almost all of the beverages. 

2 Tickets | Fresh cantaloupe juice from Pure Vietnamese Kitchen & Bar

3 Tickets | Za'atar popcorn with rosemary thyme salt, sesame seeds and sumac from Made Foods

4 Tickets | Spinach curry with roti from Africana BBQ Curries and Drinks

5 Tickets | Barbecue pulled porkless slider with jackfruit and apple fennel slaw on a pretzel bun from Hearts Choices

4 Tickets | Coconut sticky rice with Thai custard from Delicious Thai

2 Tickets | Goat cheese cake with salted caramel from One18 Empire


All Meat

3 Tickets | Coxinha from ETASPICE. The spicy chicken is wrapped in dough fried until crispy.

3 Tickets | Pancetta fritta with crispy pork belly in an apple chili glaze from PZA

5 Tickets | Sweet and spicy duck neck from Kingwuu

5 Tickets | Churrasquinho platter with beef, chorizo and a chicken wing from Minas Brazilian Steakhouse

4 Tickets | Japanese wagyu steak from OMO Teppan & Kitchen



There are at least five dozen gluten-free food options, including several that are also vegetarian. The spirits in the Cheers Garden also mean there are gluten-gree alcoholic beverages available. Look for the gf on the menu.

4 Tickets | Fresh lemonade and honey from La Piada

2 Tickets | Spiced nuts from Flower & Wolf

3 Tickets | Watermelon mint feta salad from Holy Smoke BBQ

5 Tickets | Barbecue chicken pad Thai with spicy crying tiger sauce from Pad Thai Restaurants

3 Tickets | Mexican flauta with a crispy corn tortilla stuffed with chicken from La Casa Latina Restaurant

2 Tickets | Bubble Ballz. The dark chocolate espresso energy ball is from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company


Just Desserts

4 Tickets | Peanut butter and raspberry jam ice cream sandwich from Red Plate Catering

5 Tickets | Tree milk cake from Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House

5 Tickets | Churro loop with ice cream from The Exploring Moose

3 Tickets | Pisan Bakar. The grilled banana with Nutella is from Bumbu Indonesian Grill.

3 Tickets | Cherry pie shake from Grate and Barrel


Just Drinking (in the Cheers Garden)

1 Ticket | Root beer soda from Annex Ale Project

3 Tickets | EquineOx mojito with prickly pear vodka, simple syrup lime and mint from Eau Claire Distillery

3 Tickets | Honey Liquer Medica from Burwood Distillery

2 Tickets | Outland Kolsch from Zero Issue Brewing

4 Tickets | Wild G&T with Wild Life Gin and house made tonic from Wild Life Distillery

3 Tickets | White Owl Whisky Ginger Lime Crushies from Highwood Distillers

2 Tickets | Chinook Saison from Banded Beak Brewing

2 Tickets | Ploughman Hopped Wheat Ale from Common Crown


For more information on Taste Of Calgary or to buy tickets in advance, visit

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