The 2015 Best Neighbourhoods Survey Is Now Closed  

Our partners at Leger Marketing will use the responses to rank the importance of more than two dozen characteristics and amenities. These rankings will then be used to weight neighbourhoods' scores on those amenities based on the data collected from third-parties including the City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service and other sources. 

The results will appear in the August 2015 issue of Avenue and online.

Calgary's Best Neighbourhoods 2014

Each year, we ask readers to tell us what characteristics and amenities make for the best community. We also asked respondents to rate their own neighbourhood on those factors and more. Then we factored in data on details such as the location of grocery and drug stores, restaurants, boutiques and schools; crime statistics from the Calgary Police Service; median tax-assessment values from the City for condos and single-family homes and walkability scores from Then we worked with our partners at Leger Marketing to crunch the numbers to create this year’s list of Calgary’s Best Neighbhourhoods. Here are the results for 2014.


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3 Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary

1. Arbour Lake

For the second year in a row, this northwest community tops our list

2. Beltline

It's one of Calgary's biggest and fastest growing communities

3. Brentwood

The recreational opportunities in this northwest community pushed it into the top 3 overall for 2014
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Best Inner-City Communities in Calgary

Hillhurst and Sunnyside

Overall Hillhurst ranked 4th and Sunnyside ranked 7th, but they are among the best of Calgary's inner-city communities


Rosedale ranked 8th overall and is one of the top 5 inner-city communities in Calgary


Britannia is the 9th best community overall and one of the top 5 inner-city communities
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Best Established Communities in Calgary


Southwood ranked 5th overall and is the second best established community after Brentwood

Lake Bonavista

Lake Bonavista ranked 6th overall and is the second best established community after Brentwood


Lakeview is the 10th best neighbourhood overall and 4th best established community
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50 Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary

50 Best Neighbourhoods: The List

The ranking of the best 50 neighbourhoods in Calgary as determined by combining survey results and quantitative data collected from various sources

50 Best Things in 50 Neighbourhoods

Our favourite things in Avenue's 50 Best Places to Live, in order of their neighbourhood ranking
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2014 Best Neighbourhoods Top 10 Lists

10 Friendliest Neighbourhoods

More than being close to grocery stores and have a home with good resale value, Calgarians want friendly neighbours

10 Most Pedestrian-Friendly and Walkable Communities

The two characteristics are closely related, but not quite the same

10 Neighbourhoods With the Best Access to Parks

According to our survey, proximity to parks is the most important characteristic of a neighbourhood

10 Neighbourhoods With the Strongest Sense of Community

The community that plays together stays together

Best Investment Potential

These 10 neighbourhoods were identified in our survey as having the strongest potential for good resale

Safest Communities in Calgary

It's the most important quality in a neighbourhood, according to those who answered our survey
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