2017: Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary's Northwest

Northwest Calgary dominated our top 10 with Varsity (1), Edgemont (3), Brentwood (4), Huntington Hills (6), Arbour Lake (8) and Crescent Heights (10) all placing. Here are the next highest ranked northwest communities.

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11. Scenic Acres

Located near some impressive green spaces like Baker Park, Bowmont Park and 12 Mile Coulee Park, it’s not surprising that Scenic Acres is one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary for access to parks and pathways. The community also offers indoor recreation opportunities at the Crowchild Twin Arena





12. Bowness

The number of “I 💗 Bowness” stickers out there is evidence of how much Bownesians feel connected to their ’hood. And the data backs that up — Bowness received the fifth-highest community-engagement score this year. Of course, it’s easy to be proud when you can claim lovely Bowness Park as your own.





16. Silver Springs

Like its neighbour Scenic Acres, Silver Springs has great access to parks and pathways. The majority of 164-hectare Bowmont Park is within Silver Springs’ boundaries, while Bowness Park and Baker Park are both nearby. Silver Springs also has an outdoor pool to keep everyone cool during the summer months.





19. Dalhousie

Three of Dalhousie’s four sides are major roads, making it easy to get downtown, to the Dalhousie Station Shopping Centre (where there’s also an LRT station and a Park ’n’ Ride) or out to the mountains. 





22. Beddington Heights

Families here are spoiled for choice when it comes to playgrounds — with 18, Beddington Heights has the most City-operated playgrounds of any Calgary neighbourhood. There are also great park options just outside the neighbourhood’s borders, including nearby Nose Hill Park.




Learn more about the 2017 Best Neighbourhoods methodology.


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