Inside The Cinder & Sage Loft in Mission

Local jewellery designer Lindsay Saunders opened a bright and airy workspace and retail shop in Mission.

All photography by Alana Willerton


For almost eight years, Calgary jewellery designer Lindsay Saunders has been making pieces for her jewellery company, Cinder & Sage, out of a second bedroom in her condo. But as the need for more space and storage became an increasing issue, Saunders decided to look for her own bricks and mortar space. This past summer, she opened The Cinder & Sage Loft in Mission.

Approximately 700-square-feet, The Cinder & Sage Loft features a workspace area for Saunders on one side and a retail shop with a cozy couch area on the other. Saunders is usually making pieces at her workstation throughout the day, so guests can stop to watch her work or ask questions while they shop. Having her workstation right there also allows Saunders to show guests options for custom jewellery or make customizations to pieces on the spot. The shop doesn't have set business hours yet, so check social media before popping by.

Most of the retail area is filled with Cinder & Sage's necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair combs and more. Saunders tends to create brass or gold plated pieces that are accented by things like natural stones, tassels and vintage glass.

Along with her jewellery, Saunders has also brought in some products from other local retailers, including Words & Co. letterboards, stained glass pieces from Hobbysmith Class Co. and, soon, concrete pieces from co|create and cards from Little Me Paper Co. She plans to eventually bring in even more outside products.

The bright and airy loft space boasts tons of natural light thanks to some skylights and both east- and west-facing windows. Saunders, who decorated the loft herself, says the decor is a reflection of her own home decor style and the kinds of pieces she loves. 

"This is a bit more of what I would love to have in my house, but maybe isn’t as practical. A light pink couch isn’t super practical to have at home, so it’s the perfect place [for me to] finally do that somewhere," Saunders says. "My house isn’t as white but I wish it was, so this is ideal."

While the shop's concept has grown from what she originally imagined— she was initially just looking for a workspace where clients could also pick up orders — Saunders is excited to continue to grow Cinder & Sage, expand the retail part of the shop and create a shopping destination in Mission.

"[Cinder & Sage started] as a small hobby making stuff for friends, and now I work in here and this has become such a perfect ideal of what I want to be doing everyday," says Saunders.

2107B 4 St. S.W.,, @cinderandsage


A selection of the necklaces, earrings and hair combs that are available at The Cinder & Sage Loft. Most of them are brass or shiny gold plated pieces that feature natural stones, tassels, vintage glass and more.


These dainty hair combs have become one of Cinder & Sage's signature pieces.


A selection of pretty earrings made by Saunders.


These are another signature piece for Cinder & Sage. Saunders offers custom brass airplane pendants and vintage brass lockets that are covered in a piece of a paper map or dictionary page to show a specific place or word. Common requests are things like hometowns and where couples got engaged or married.


Saunders' workstation is as pretty as the rest of the shop. She usually makes jewellery pieces here throughout the day, and since it's open to the retail area, guests can stop to watch her work or ask questions while they shop.


Part of Cinder & Sage's retail area, which features gold, wood and pink accents.


The west corner of the shop features a cozy pink couch and seating area that is sure to spark some home decor inspiration.

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