5 Escape Rooms to Try in Calgary

Avoid cabin fever this winter by getting locked up somewhere fun.


The concept of escape rooms, where a group of people must solve a series of puzzles in under an hour in order to exit a locked room, has been around for about a decade, but has only recently made its way into Calgary. With escape rooms popping up all over the city since 2015, Calgarians now have a number to choose from.


Puzzles here fit into their room’s themes very well and the scale of difficulty between them ranges from deceptively simple to mind-wreckingly complex, which can lead escapees to both under- and overthink them. This means it’s best to get people working on a few different problems at a time, as it is easy to get bottlenecked on the harder puzzles.
Number of rooms: Four
Themes include: Orchestrate a jailbreak, escape from an abandoned psychiatric hospital, rescue backpackers from a mysterious red cabin or solve the infamous mystery of the Mad Magician.
Accommodates: Between two and eight people.
Cost: $23.81 per player
Unit C6, 416 Meridian Rd S.E., 403-207-5777, escape2gether.ca

Escape Capers

Escape Capers is as polished an experience as you could want and prides itself on providing the only hosted escape rooms in town. Hosted rooms mean there is an actor, in character, in the room with you who will give (a limited number of) hints if you get stuck. If your group is stumped, keep an eye on what the person does or says, and it could keep you from treading water. The rooms here are non-linear in that you can find multiple clues and solve multiple puzzles at once, which can be a confusing mess if you’re not prepared!
Number of rooms: Four
Themes include: Escape the test chamber of an ancient, shadowy society, search for a way out of a madman’s dinner party, uncover the identity of crime lord and clear your name of murder or rescue yourself from the grips of an interstellar carnie.
Accommodates: Between three and eight people, larger corporate groups on request.
Cost: Between $28 and $32 per player
4235 16 St. S.E., 403-903-9162, escapecapers.ca

Esxoss Manway

This company follows in the footsteps of some of the more popular escape rooms in Asia with a focus on interesting equipment. Laser fields, sliding walls and embedded screens are just some of the high-tech obstacles you’ll encounter here and Esxoss Manway’s proximity to Chinook centre means you won’t be looking too hard for things to do post-breakout.
Number of rooms: Three
Themes include: Break into the office of a Nazi general to steal important documents, uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of an asylum’s chief physician or take a page from Inception and plant memories in the mind of a man in order to solve a murder.
Accommodates: Between four and ten people.
Cost: $25 per player, discounts for groups with more than 10 players
209, 5720 Macleod Trail S.W., 403-475-2599, esxossmanway.ca

Level 1 Escape

Level 1 Escape benefits from a wide range of rooms offering a variety of challenges to suit anyone’s skill level. Expect to find linear puzzle elements, simple, single room escapes and more elaborate, multi room experiences, though you won’t know which room is which until you are locked inside.
Number of rooms: Six
Themes include: Escape from a Fallout-inspired vault room, examine a haunted apartment, investigate a murder scene, become a test subject locked in a cell, retrieve a formula to counter a bioterrorism threat or unlock the secrets of an ancient Egyptian tomb.
Accommodates: Between two and eight people.
Cost: $24.95 to 29.95 per player
517 16 Ave. N.E., 403-879-4617, level1escape.com

The Locked Room

This company, the first one to open in the city, has been refining its rooms since it opened last spring. Breakdowns of the puzzles can be found on their site, giving percentages for the amount of logic, spatial and mechanical and word and math puzzles in each room, allowing the number-averse to pick a room with more wordplay or math geeks to really put their skills to the test.
Number of rooms: Five
Themes include: Evade pirate justice, rescue a video game princess, escape a creepy wine cellar, avoid becoming dinner in a cannibal apocalypse or infiltrate an abandoned Area 51-inspired industrial hanger.
Accommodates: between one and 10 people.
Cost: $24.95 per player
15, 2015 32 Ave. N.E., 403-455-0545, thelockedroom.ca

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